Nicole Richie’s New Baby: Lauren Conrad Has Details And What The Baby’s Name Is All About

Lauren Conrad of “The Hills” fame is buds with Nicole Richie and reports that Nicole was unaware of the sex of her baby until it shot out and “was surprised” that she had a girl. She also said that Nicole and babydaddy Joel Madden hadn’t decided on baby names before Nicole got in the stirrups. Lauren was at the opening of the Jimmy Choo store last night, trying to swing some free kicks. Security noted that she was trying to slip some pairs into her immense shoulder bag and she was immediately tackled and slapped. Once it was all worked out as “a misunderstanding”, Lauren said that she wasn’t fired from Teen Vogue but no longer worked there. “Yeah, I’m not there anymore,” she said. “I don’t really know what is next. I am looking right now.” It was an imaginary job anyway, wasn’t it? Maybe she answered the phone for the cameras per the script once in awhile, but there is no way in hell she actually adhered to work hours or filled the laser printer with paper.

In other news, Nicole and Joel got in on the trend of naming your baby after the glamorous stars of Hollywood of yesteryear. Pam Sutran, co-author of “The Baby Name Bible” says that Harlow is “the coolest glamour girl name.” Everyone’s doing it. Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane’s daughter is also named Harlow. Greg Kinnear’s daughter is named Audrey as in Hepburn. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe’s daughter is Ava as in Gardner. I can’t wait to name my kid Ginger Harvey. Or Dom DeLuise Harvey.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online