Nicole Richie’s Ex Misses The Limelight

Page Six reports that DJ AM wants some more tabloid tail.

DJ AM – real name, Adam Goldstein – doesn’t miss his ex-girlfriend, the anorexic and pill-popping Nicole Richie. But he does miss her fame. Goldstein has been quietly asking friends in Los Angeles to “set him up with someone who has a name,” said a friend. “Basically, he knows he can charge a lot more when he is attached to a famous girlfriend. His rates have had to go way down since he split up with Nicole.”

He better pray he finds that person soon. Because something’s a little….off. I don’t normally bag on someone’s looks unless they’re a real asshole. But AM reminds me of that guy who drove the truck and collected the kids in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? The one who gave me nightmares for years? All he needs is some rouge, and a big black top hat, and a creepy walk and a truck wth a cage.

Hey, all you A Socialite’s Life and J. Harvey fans! Check out this week’s Life & Style magazine wherein J.Harvey acts as a “guest judge” for their Fashion SOS column! There should even be a picture of his ugly mug! At your local checkout counter now!

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