Nicole Richie’s Potty Mouth

March 20th, 2006 // 25 Comments

Nicole Richie may have lost the weight, but apparently not her crudeness.

Nicole Richie irritated a local family during taping of “The Simple Life” by asking an 11-year-old boy, in graphic language, if she looked attractive.

The boy was playing basketball Wednesday in the driveway of his home. Richie, pushing a baby carriage, approached and questioned the youth about how she looked, using a profane word. Two camera operators and another crew taped the exchange.

My guess, “do I look fuckable?”

Richie’s Behavior Irks Local Family [AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Dr.tia

    Nicole is great lol .. I will admit that what she said was inappropiate, but she cracks me up. She is the main reason I watched the simple life. She reminds me of my best friend. I love Nicole .. they need to show her more instead of Paris.

  2. susiegrl

    This just goes to show you that you can dress a piece of trash in Versace, but it’s still

  3. susu

    No, Nicole honey, you don’t, you look like you will snap in half like a dry twig.

  4. Peaches

    I give this chick less than 2 years before she is off the celebrity radar or is dead from starvation.

  5. joo

    I’m guessing she said “Am I a MILF?” then explaining to him what it means…. she is funny but rude and annoying too….

  6. Rumor

    I totally disagree Tia. Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, the Olsen girl, Britney, the Simpson girls. I get the feeling they don’t know what they’re doing half the time. None of them seem all that level-headed. They’re just kids, finding their way in life, making silly mistakes. The above example is just one of them.

  7. What Peaches said. I fucking hope.

    PS I’ll ask this again: the daddy thing aside, what is Nicole Richie? I mean, did she write a great book or record a fantastic song I missed? Oh. OK. She’s just a wealthy, vacant skank. Thanks.

  8. tia

    Actually Jacko Nicole did write a book. I forget the name of it but its about a rich girl who who parties alot and crap. Basically its about her but it is fiction. She supposed to be making more I guess. Anyway just thought i’d tell you.

  9. tia

    ooopps I meant to say who once lol :/

  10. Green Eyed Angel

    Wasn’t it the Truth About Diamonds?

  11. um hello!

    ive loved nicole since she was up elijah blue’s ass, shes totally not even on par with the rest of who youve mentioned. shes a fucking adopted mexican whos godfather is michael jackson…i think with all that damage shes turned out pretty fuckin good!

  12. doofus

    to susu…excellent summation. she looks like she’d blow away with one strong gust of wind. what man, besides one who likes the physique of pre-pubescent boys, would find that attractive?

    to jacko…yes, she did “write” a book (if you can call describing your exploits to a ghostwriter “writing”…) that did OK. It was basically an autobiographical “drama”.

    besides that, the only thing she’s “done” is get lucky enough to get adopted by a rich singer/songwriter and take his name. Which is what the book was about.

  13. my2cents

    She looks like a lollipop! Her head is too big for her stick body.

  14. Cheesy

    I sure hope the parents of the kid go after whoever they can go after. That’s just trashy–exactly what you’d expect from Paris’ former BFF, but still, trash.

    And the answer should have been, “Not with someone else’s dick.”

  15. Small Fry

    I remember watching the first season of The Simple Life and cringing every time she did or said anything. She came across as a spoiled brat who has never had any boundaries in her life. It actually made me feel somewhat sorry for her that no one cared enough to parent her as a child.

  16. anona

    Actually, Nikki is not mexican. Her mother was white and her father is Peter Escoveda, Sheila E’s brother. If you remember, Sheila E and Peter are half Puerto Rican and half Black. So, she definently has Latin roots, just not mexican.

  17. las

    No, you don’t, Nicole. Any man who tried would crush you like a bag of dried leaves.

  18. Rumor

    Thanks for the info Anona. I probably could have done my own searching, but I’m not interested enough in Nicole. Still, now I can pass the info on to a friend who was wondering about that.

  19. Silasdog

    I think she’s finally skinny enough to flush down the nearest toilet. Jerk the chain, someone.

  20. doofus

    to silasdog…



  21. justMe

    Nicole could star in the new version of Ally McBeal.
    I love her though, I think she’s hilarious.
    The thing is they do absurd things in the simple life, ust wahtever they want AND they get away with that. it’s fun to watch.

  22. ok…

    for sure NONE of that is true so you mine as well stop making up dumb stories that make NO sense at all and ok.. it doesnt even tell us what she “supposively” said ok…omg this is like..pathetic..


  23. V

    You people make me sick.
    Worrying about what some celebrity is doing in her life.
    Worry about your own pathetic lives for a change losers.
    As for Nicole, sure she’s got problems, but who doesn’t?
    Shit your not perfect, so don’t expect her or any one else to be.
    Its just really sad how people like to tear down famous people to make themselves feel better.
    And if you think for a second that this kid hasn’t heard worse things in his life then your living in a dream fricken world.

  24. I agree, she probably has problems with her weight and self-esteem but all everyone does is criticise her. Probably makes her feel even worse and keep going trying to make her look better for everyone then you all will call her fukcing fat and pudgy.

    Saying this, I am biased, I do like her a lot, she has more talent than fucking Hilton. LOL. And anyway Nicole is so short, her losing a bit of weight is bound to look a lot on her tiny tiny frame. And another thing: y’all jealous of her!! AHahahaha!!

  25. diego

    Nicole is the best shge looks so sexy right now i hate paris she is so rude but the truth is that Nicole asked that little boy that if she looked like a M.I.L.F

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