Nicole Richie is Still Starving

September 2nd, 2005 // 47 Comments

And the folks at Star Magazine are worried. An L.A. club goer and apparent dieting expert lays it all out for us.

“The two of them hardly eat, Nicole especially,” says one regular on the L.A. club scene. “I don’t think Adam is aware of how thin Nicole’s gotten because he sees her all the time — he just says how sexy she looks. Nicole’s now working out all the time and they have both totally cut out junk food.”

If you combined Mary-Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie, you would actually make a whole person, but that would be one scary whole person.

Nicole Richie: Starving Starlet [Star Magazine]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. shaneeza

    nicole is like any woman about to walk down the aisle…she wants to look as thin as possible!

  2. Gossip Guru

    Is everyone blind to the fact that this girl is a coke head.She is not getting so skinny becuase she no longer eats junk food, she is an anorexic drug addict. And I understand that women want to look as thin as possible for their wedding, but that shit is just gross.

  3. Antigone

    Please learn the difference between fact and opinion.

  4. In my opinion, the worst part has to be her legs. They’re now freakishly abnormal.

  5. kraven moorhead

    she looks great.. i’d bang her….

  6. Dan

    I like Nicole. She’s funny & amusing. She was skinny before she went to rehab & did the Simply Life. She also has a very skinny hubby-to-be who had gastric bypass surgery.Do I think it’s coke? Maybe a little, but I just think she’s just not eating. It’s a trend. But she’s still an awesome chick!

  7. hmmm

    i think she actually looks good in this foto. there are some where she really does look freakish.

    yay to her for bringing oversized sunnies back into fashion!

  8. jerseygrl

    she’s still not as skinny as angelina jolie…

  9. Pleasantly disturbed

    What is it with her feet? She’s always flopping, and her feet look like they were left out in the rain too long. God’s sake Anorexia, women who care about themselves take well care of their feet . It’s the second thing a decent man looks at to judge you. (After your tits.)

  10. Silasdog

    No talent, no class, no nothing! Big feet though.

  11. Anna

    Looking at this picture, it is easy to see that Nicole does in fact have terrific muscle tone for her small body. There are definite calves bulges on her legs (often a slender feature for many African-Americans) and the front of her thighs show long, strong muscles. I have a sneaking suspicion she still runs around in a lot of her “fat” clothes and since they now hang on her, she looks much skinnier than she is. Coke comments aside, I think she has developed a new attitude about her body and I for one, salute her! ROCK ON NICOLE!

  12. anna

    i agree, i think she looks great and i’m completely jealous. she is thin, but in an attractive way! look at her legs, slender but still obviously muscular. i hate how quick everyone is to pin the coke/anorexia label on anyone who loses any weight.

  13. LARS

    to be real, she still looks fat to me. it’s obvious she’s NOT on a diet and DOESN’T care about her health. look at how fat her thighs are!

    yes, i agree, she does need help, but only more time on the treadmill will save her now.

    start sleep in a sauna chubby, we are all laughing at your blubbery body.

  14. Where is FEMA when all these poor celebrities are starving? Bush needs to do something about this.

  15. 510Bombshell

    did LARS post on the wrong comments page?

    Fat thighs? Treadmill? CHUBBY?!?! if this chick’s too fat, call me a planet & track my path as orbit around the Earth….(all 5’11″ & 138lbs of me)
    OME people disgust me…ahem L A R S

  16. Cynthia

    This girl is too thin. Normal people do not havesuch boney collarbones showing! And Bombshell, according to Lars, I am fat along with you! Sheesh!

  17. Sally

    Lars, are you a starving anorexic forced onto a feeding tube or are you seriously disturbed. Yes, Nicole is a bit too thin, but she looks better than she did on the first simple life. Compairing faces, she actually is a lot prettier than Paris, who has a lazy eye and hook nose and wears blue contacts every day so people will think she has blue eyes.

  18. Cynthia

    My dog’s ass is better looking than Paris!

  19. Simple_Tina

    She is still the same Green/ Yellow skinned hooked nose, droopy under-eyed, chicken face, ugly ass bitch to me!!

  20. Pleasantly disturbed

    I love you Tina !!

  21. ruby_Lou

    Nic didnt need to go that far she got to a point where she looked healthy and slim but now she looks like a toothpick on Acid

  22. toykey

    SHe was busted with H. Thats what all the models really use to get and stay so thin.

  23. whatyousay

    I like skinny bitches. I would soo bang her, but whats with the glasses? reminds me of my grandama….not good.

  24. deity

    She looks good in this picture.

  25. KateMac

    Gross, I can’t believe so many people said she looks good. And what’s this about labeling her anorexic. News flash – she is anorexic, and dangerously so. If she keeps this up, she could probably die. And that’s the sad thing. It’s going to take another Karen Carpenter case before Hollywood realizes what’s happening. Right now, Mary Kate, Lindsay and especially Nicole Richie are all in serious danger of it.

  26. Melanie

    She looks great. Losing weight is a good thing.

  27. Cynthia

    She looks great?!? She improved herself with a little weight loss, but she was never obese or anything. Now, she is just a walking skeleton! YUK! How such an unhealthy state can be attractive to anyone I will never know!

  28. Mischa

    I met her once before she got famous and she was as thin as she is in that picture. Its simple – she’s a petit person.

  29. Brittni

    Nicole Richie is gorgeous and talented.
    You are either an idiot or jelous.
    Its obvious you hate because you cant compare to her.
    Turn that jelousy into admiration.

  30. hannah

    you’s are all very mean, and i think that you should just let her go, if she wants to be skinny (anorexic) just let her. let the girl live her own life, and to the people who says she’s fat, you are obvously lokking at the girl wrong. but over all I think that she looks great.

  31. M Factor

    Last comment. (running out of wine). Losing weight is one thing. Barfing into the porcelain God is another. Nicole Ritchie needs her parents to intervene. Pappa is so caught up in managing his ‘Jeri Curl’ he can’t see his daughter killing herself. Hey, Daddy, your kid is killing herself. I guess you are too busy to address you daughters’ problem (s).Rich bastard fuck.

  32. Hey, Well this could be my ED speaking, but GIVE NICOLE A BREAK! Not everything the media and magazines say is true! think of how many people/stars there are in Hollywood. And then think that at least 1 in something like 30 people get anorexia. So at LEAST 1 person is bound to get ANA in hollywood! It just happenes that there is sooooo much more stress in Hollywood then there is in a non-media life style, and plus it is Publisized! How horrible are we really? when someone is overweight, we want to know. When someone is underweight, we want to know, we want to read about it! And we have little chat rooms to say….look Nicole or Lindsay or Mary-kate is too thin, Gross! Its Life! Some people do struggle with Ana, and for some reason we find it entertaining! When someone is normal, do we want to read about it? No! Its boring! Why do bathe in famous peoples hard depressive life style! Think about what they are going through. If anyone on here had ana, no one could understand why but the person who has it. You wouldnt like it spread out on a magazine would you? There are so many magazines saying, ohhh look Nicole Richie is too thin thats disgusting – but really I think her and Lindsay and Mary-kate and everyone else, has deeper problems that neither you or I can ever understand, whats the point in saying things about them that you can only believe from the media. The media isn’t Nicole’s heart and soul. Give them break
    Sorry for the rant – Just had alot to sAY!

  33. thetruth

    The pressure nowadays to be thin and stay thin is overwhelming, and I’m just talking about the average person. Look at all the weight loss surgeries that are going on, where average people are going through risky surgery and chopping up their digestive system just to loss weight.

    Just think about what its like if you are constantly in photographers lens, as a celebrity. Where they not only photographing you during red carpet but every time you step out the door, every critic in the world along with their momma got something to say about how you look. What did ya think she was gonna do? Exactly what 4 out 5 female actresses are doing, straving themselves to death, and best believe their girlfriends, publicist, stylist, managers, etc. are all telling her “oh, girl you look so good, your so tiny now”

    The more that person hears folks singing their praises and telling them how good they look, the more they think they are doing the right thing. Then 112 pounds ain’t good enough, they take it down to 97 pounds, then 87 pounds …..till they start looking like they are 1 minute close to death like Allegra Versace. And don’t expect andybody to “pull Nicole’s coat” in the industry because they don’t do that, they just say the things they ought to have said AFTER that person is admitted into the hospital or death.

    She needs someone to “keep it real” with her right now and let her know she is dangerously “underweight”. Think about what she must look like in person. Remember the camera adds 10 to 15 pounds to a person’s frame. She really isn’t that size in person. Tanning and hair extensions keep her from looking like death warmed over.

    These are just some of the medical problems associated with eating disorders:

    Damage to organs
    Low blood pressure
    Yellowing of skin color
    Hair Loss
    Damage to the heart

  34. Nandi

    She had been trying so hard to lose the weight so I think she looks gorgeous, but I do hope she stops.

  35. Charlie

    I think Nicole looked better when she was chubby. Maybe it’s just me, but I think I speak for a LOT of guys when I say that women look BETTER with a little bit of chub here and there. Not only does the extra fat make the breasts and butt bigger, but it rounds out their faces so they look younger and even more feminine….and I don’t know about you all, but I’d rather be dating a woman who looks like a cute and chubby school girl than some stringy dried up bag of bones any day! Ladies, I BEG of you, PLEASE don’t believe what hollywood tells you, thin is definitly NOT sexy…just look at jude law, how he cheated on his bony-ass wife with the plump and juicy nanny, or how charlize theron and rene zelwigger’s men are BEGGING them to GAIN WEIGHT! And trust me, the most loyal and loving man you will ever have is the one who preffers you with a few extra pounds. Believe me, I’m engaged to a voluptuous goddess who weighs 180lbs and I wouldn’t trade her for anyone or anything…and I certainly wouldn’t have been interested in her to begin with if she were any thinner!

  36. Freya

    I think Nicole looks absolutely stunning. She’s so pretty and has an amazing fashion sense. I love her clothes! Why should you all be so jealous that someone is making the best of what they’ve got and are working to improve themselves? Nicole is beautiful, get over it.

  37. chicky

    i think nicole looks awesome!!!!!!!!! shes perfect the way she lookd, she looks great!! shes not really all that skinny, actually. just look at her. she looks like how anormal person should look. shes not too skinny now, she was just really fat at first!! i love celebs that lose weight!!!!!!!! congrats nicole u look great!!!! also hilary duff and lindsay lohan…but no one looks as great as mary kate–she has absolutely the best body!!!!!!!!!!! i am so jealous!!!!!!!! all of you in here that are talkin bad aboutnicole are just jealous of her 2, u kno u would give anything to have a body like that;ur just bitter because ur too lazy to get off ur fat A** and theyre motivated!!! rock on, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. lily

    I wish I was Nicole Richie and lose all that weight! She probably starved herself, but, hey, what’s wrong with that? The transformation is amazing and I think she looks fantastic. She has such a beautiful face, and her weight loss has just totally brought out her beauty.

  39. nicole looks fucking good! i wonder why everyone is so quick to label her anorexic; could it be jealousy? because none of you people would have any knowledge on what she does and doesn’t eat so it is all really hearsay and your own opinion.

  40. i pee when i'm happy

    i mean the sad thing is everyone here is either saying she’s way too skinny, she looks horrible or that she’s looking good. the sad thing is IT IS all about looks nowadays. plus she’s a rich hollywood bitch who’s got more money and attention than she’d ever need, that’s sad if you ask me. let her live and have her issues, everyone needs to suffer a bit…i’m sure you all do.

  41. laurie

    Yknow what :) she doesnt give a flying fcuk what any of us think :P so give it a rest.

  42. carrie

    idk i love her

  43. Nicole..( not richie )

    Nicole looks great ..too much jelousy going on jeez..she can do whateva she wants

  44. rarrrr755

    um yea in case none of you fuckfaces noticed what this world is coming to, its no surprise shes that thin.

  45. sagitelle

    It’s weird. Nicole Ritchie is slowly starving herself to death in front of our eyes and nobody is doing anything about it. We are all voyeurs I suppose. Waiting to see how long she can go before she collapses.

  46. thebitchyouwerewarnedabout

    i think she looks great…w00t! ^.^ keep up teh good work, nic, you’re lookin awesome…;) you’re totally my inspiration for losing weight.

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