Nicole Richie Wedding Dress Shopping?

June 29th, 2007 // 6 Comments


That sounds like fun. I wish she’d call me. As much as I know we probably wouldn’t hit many IHOPs or sandwich places, I have this sneaking suspicion Nicole might actually be fun to hang out with. We’d take my car, of course. I have no interest in playing chicken with some oncoming traffic. The latest is that Nicole is rumored to be on the hunt for a frock for her weddin’.

“She’s shopping around for a wedding dress,” a loose-lipped informant reveals. “She’s calling around looking for a dress, and asking stylists for help.”

24Sizzler goes on to speculate that since her boyfriend, Joel Madden, will be busy performing with Good Charlotte in Quebec this weekend, but has a window of time after that until July 10th, that the couple might be hoping to squeeze in a (shotgun?) wedding at that point. Who knows? All I know is that if she wants someone to help her sample cake, she needs to give me a ring. Seriously. Cake is high in calories, y’all, and I have no problem taking a bullet for my girl, Nicole. I’ll eat some free cake, just to be a good friend. I’ve done it before.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. leanne

    Lisa, you selfish biatch! If Nicole’s truly knocked up, she clearly is the one that needs to be sampling the wedding cake…and lots of it!

  2. Kandu

    She’ll try and sniff the cake if it’s got powdered sugar on it and won’t that be hilarious?

  3. Cheesy


    Great commentary on Nicole. I needed a laugh on a Friday!

  4. ginger

    Nic will be a fabulous mom, hilarious and caring… am I the only one who watched the Simple Life last season?
    Make fun all you want but she’s a million times better than the rest of the “Hollywood Moms”.
    She and Joel will have an adorable baby whom I know she will truly care for.

  5. huh?

    am i the only one who still maintains that it is physically impossible for that skinny bitch to carry offspring??

  6. codi

    i think nicole is a great mother. i always new she would be. people just play her off as being stupid and a bad person. no one goves her the benifit of the doubt. she is actually really smart, clever and everything any other normal girl is. the only reason all you ever see is pictures of her partying is because thats all the pop-z takes, they dont want you seeing her as how she really is cause she is blonde pretty and rich. so they stereo-type her as all the pretty blonde rich girls are.
    you all just need to give her a break, give her som credit. everyone makes mistakes. she is normal like me and you. get over it. and if you cant then go fuck yourselves

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