Nicole Richie Wedding Dress Shopping?


That sounds like fun. I wish she’d call me. As much as I know we probably wouldn’t hit many IHOPs or sandwich places, I have this sneaking suspicion Nicole might actually be fun to hang out with. We’d take my car, of course. I have no interest in playing chicken with some oncoming traffic. The latest is that Nicole is rumored to be on the hunt for a frock for her weddin’.

“She’s shopping around for a wedding dress,” a loose-lipped informant reveals. “She’s calling around looking for a dress, and asking stylists for help.”

24Sizzler goes on to speculate that since her boyfriend, Joel Madden, will be busy performing with Good Charlotte in Quebec this weekend, but has a window of time after that until July 10th, that the couple might be hoping to squeeze in a (shotgun?) wedding at that point. Who knows? All I know is that if she wants someone to help her sample cake, she needs to give me a ring. Seriously. Cake is high in calories, y’all, and I have no problem taking a bullet for my girl, Nicole. I’ll eat some free cake, just to be a good friend. I’ve done it before.