Nicole Richie Vows To Never Wear High-Heels Again

Women have babies, wax in places men can’t begin to tolerate and take bold risks all for the name of fashion. Some women can balance the pressure. Some women can’t.

Enter…Nicole Richie. (And by enter I mean exiting her driving school yesterday in Los Angeles).

According to Nicole, “having great personal style should not have to mean sacrificing comfort. This has become more important to me since having children. There’s no way I’m going out wearing 7-inch heels anymore!”


Have you not learned anything from the fashionable mommy icons like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwen Stefani? These women are just as fabulous on the red carpet as they are on the playground.

Clearly there’s a time and place for everything, but vowing to never wear heels because they’re “impractical” is like vowing to never eat because it wastes too much time.

Oh, wait! We’ve already been down that road with you, haven’t we?