Nicole Richie Unveils Clothing Line & Beyond Shelter Playground

It’s been a little over a month since Nicole Richie gave birth to her little boy, Sparrow James Midnight Madden, but this young mother of two appears to be a dynamo of energy. At the Beyond Shelter Playground ribbon cutting, Richie and her man, Joel Madden, showed off their humanitarian side.

And recently, Nicole displayed her entrepreneurial spirit by revealing a new clothing line. The Winter Kate collection is inspired by the reality TV starlet’s own wardrobe. Nicole explains her personal style by saying, “I probably wear the same two pairs of jeans every day as the background to a fabulous top. Bed jackets are a staple of my wardrobe because they are a gorgeous way to give jeans and a white T-shirt a completely different look.”

She’s confident that ladies will enjoy the designs, “The pieces can be dressed up, made casual, but most importantly, they provide the wearer a means of self-expression and fun.” That sounds compelling, but I doubt she has anything in my size.

Gallery Info: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden at a ribbon cutting for Beyond Shelter playground.