Nicole Richie To Plead Guilty?

July 27th, 2007 // 2 Comments


What was the point of getting knocked up then? That baby was your best defense! Nicole Richie is said to be planning on pleading guilty or no contest in court today. Which means she would have to do some time. And I’m sure her crazy bra anger boyfriend and baby daddy has been little to no help in this case!

She will appear before the Court Commissioner, who will sentence her on the spot. Sources say Richie will receive a minimum sentence of five days in jail. By law, anyone with two DUI convictions must serve at least five days. This conviction will be Nicole’s second DUI.

Rich people – HIRE SOME F*CKING DRIVERS. Limo drivers do not care if you have pcp-fueled orgies in the back. Do what you will. But avoid getting arrested for DUI BY HIRING A DRIVER. God, what else are you gonna spend the money on besides clubbing, clothes, drugs, and DRIVER SO YOU NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE PO-PO! Yes, I said po-po.

By J. Harvey

  1. Rack

    Here, Here, J. Harvey….The first thing I will do if I ever get rich is hire a damn driver…I mean I thought that was one of the big perks to being rich?!

  2. DiamondSal

    They shouldn’t be doing drugs or over drinking in the first place. What wisdom the ano’s have. Yeah, take guilty, turn your skinny butt in and starve like you usually do for a few days.. or they will make you go to rehab and avoid drugs for a long time, eat well, take vitamins, and talk about how creepy and strange you are but how much you could do to improve and become happy and sane for months Nicole.

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