Nicole Richie Tells OK! Her Wrong Side of the Road SNAFU Was Not OK

It’s interview time for Ms. Nicole Richie! Right on the heels of announcing her four-month pregnancy with Joel Madden’s baby on ABC, she sat down with OK! magazine to chat more about her pregnancy and her upcoming jail time. (Ya gotta love a publication with an exclamation point in the title.) And, she’s about as contrite as misbehaving starlets get, actually copping to the fact that her under-the-influence antics were extremely irresponsible and could have ended much more tragically than they did.

“I was lucky that no one else was on the road, but I could have killed someone,” she says. “It was a big awakening experience. If I could take it all back, I would … For me, I have come to a place where I never want to make a mistake like that again. I never want to possibly take another life in my hands.”

I guess now that she’s looking at a mere four days behind bars, she’s able to take on a Zen-like attitude about the whole situation. I wonder if later in life, her spoiled child will brag about being in jail–while he was in his or her mother’s uterus. I would. That’s how I got my trailer-park cred.