Nicole Richie Remembers She Had A Kid

March 29th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Harlow lives! Here’s Nicole Richie with baby Harlow at a kid’s party in Beverly Hills. Seriously, you never see this chick with her kid. I’m glad she figured out where all that crying was coming from and finally went to investigate.

“Joel, what’s this? Baby? Uh, oh wait…you mean when I was fat and then went to the hospital and got the fat removed? That was a baby? It’s mine? Oh. Well, what do I do with it? I don’t know. Do you think ‘My Super Sweet 16′ is on?”

Tobey Maguire’s wife Jennifer Meyer and daughter were in the house, as well. Now THAT’S a couple who doesn’t forget to let their baby get sunlight every once in awhile.


More photos of Nicole Richie with Harlow and Jennifer Meyer with Ruby are after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. bettyloopy

    Just because she doesn’t pimp out her kid ever 2 seconds to the press doesn’t mean she is not an attention mother! You people have NO IDEA what you are talking about! You don’t know her. You know what you see! “Believe none of what you heard and 1/2 of what you see” MORONS!

  2. DruNken LauRen

    i totally agree w/bettyloppy:

    she does good to leave the kid at home have some me time and if she runs into the evil paparazzi, the baby is not in danger… remember when/Brit Brit almost dropped one of youngins’….

    Nicole, you da momma, you knows whats to do….

  3. aurora

    Stupid haters. Nicole is living her life surrounded by love while you are hiding to take pictures of her and make up stories. Total losers. Aside from this so called site, you are probably living your sad little lives of quiet desperation in some hell hole on earth. Fucking parasites!

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