Nicole Richie Pregnant?

June 6th, 2007 // 38 Comments

“The Simple Life” star is the subject of rumors that have her taking a series of medical tests, that have conclusively “confirmed she is pregnant,” according to Life and Style magazine.

Richie’s rep didn’t respond to requests for comment from either L&S or The Scoop, but on May 30, the star was photographed at a reproductive clinic, and the mag quotes an “insider” as saying, “Nicole’s determined to get healthy for her own sake and the baby’s.”

Hmm, and I’m guessing that Hilary Duff’s ex-boyfriend, Joel Madden, is the baby’s daddy? I’m also wondering if that means that she’s gonna have a jail-baby, since she’s also looking at facing time coming up here pretty soon. And finally, not to be too graphic, but I have a sneaking suspicion that her uterus probably isn’t exactly the most inhabitable place on the planet at this moment. I imagine it’s probably about as welcoming and cozy as a blanket of saltines. I just hope she knows that she can’t just put a nipple on a latte and try and feed a baby.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Sarah

    that’s truly terrifying!

  2. Jam

    Nicole as a mother? Anyone have Child Services on speed dial?

  3. come on as much as i defend them it would not be her first u pper middle class girls are pregnant all the time they just get abortions not all the time but in their thirties married thats like their second or third just first live one

    thats why they are all like i cant get pregnant at 37 – 44 ye thteir age is a part but the past std’s and abortions don’t help either

    I don’t see why we say she can’t be a good mother people with that much money have nannies smart career women too. They pop it out hand it to “Maria” and sip some cocktails

  4. Kelly Rummelhart

    That’s ridiculous . . . you need to ovulate to get preggers and I’m sure she’s about 15 lbs away from getting her period back.

    If she was pregnant, sadly, in 9 months she’d probably still weigh under 100 lbs and could still attend her memorial day party under her weight requirement for guests.

  5. Next Stop: “Rehab Center outside the country” aka. – top secret abortion clinic to the stars

  6. sylivia

    F*cking disgusting. Let me guess… she will suddenly “miscarry” and then become a nun. Now THAT would make a great show.

  7. Chaz

    I was thinking the same thing as Kelly. I doubt her reproductive capacity has worked correctly at any point in the last 2 years, at least. Malnourishment is nature’s way of telling you you’re not equipped to take care of a child–this in addition to the numerous other reasons Nicole Richie shouldn’t be allowed near babies.

  8. Brian

    Oh please….she probably swallowed a whole TicTac.On her skeletal body it would make her look at least 3 months pregnant.

  9. shadygoddess

    Please. I don’t care how virile a guy says he is, he cannot impregnate someone who looks like she is an unwrapped, 2000-year-old mummy.

  10. catseyesvc

    she isn’t pregnant. she probably has fibroids or something. she’ll never be a mom.

  11. Jayne

    I forward the motion first brought by Kelly & Chaz. Nicole is far to underweight to be able to ovulate. It’s one of the most ridiculous rumors I’ve read today.

  12. Sigh

    Maybe if she is she will turn her life around to raise her child. I’ve seen it happen.

  13. Sigh

    Maybe if she is she will turn her life around to raise her child. I’ve seen it happen.

  14. Sigh

    Maybe if she is she will turn her life around to raise her child. I’ve seen it happen.

  15. Suesie

    What’s wrong with her. She’s hiding and she’s leaning on this much skinnier lady than herself like she can’t walk. What a waste!

  16. SmartyPants

    Pregnant? Uh, no. Let’s see….she’s seriously malnourished, probably active in the drug/drink department and so I doubt very much that her ‘body’ would be able to get pregnant. This is just another attention getter. Parisite is getting all the attention from going to jail, Nicole needs to get some attention now. The swollen belly look is from malnourishment. Starving people look like that.

  17. Hey everyone, It may be hard to believe but I’m Nicole Richie.
    I wanted to respond to the rumours( omg i just wrote a hard word like respond Im so smart) that I’m pregnant. Well I am, by Joel. I am extremely happy and no I’m not going to go to rehab, my reproductive doctors said that I’m perfectly healthy and capable. And no I’m not going to marry Joel, we chose to pull a Brad and Angelina and have kids while were still dating and HOT! Its so much better than being married. Like Eww. Thanks and I hope you all support me through this hard time. And if I will be sentanced to jail I will try to make an appeal because I am pregnant, and me and my lawyers are trying our best. My father has just come from his 4-month tour in Europe and will support me through this time. I also will be taking classes to practice for my baby’s sake.

  18. sleepallday

    sniff, sniff… whats that smell… BULLSH!T.
    PUBLICITY STUNT to keep her from going to jail.
    just watch, she’ll have a ‘tragic miscarriage’ conviently after the judge decides to let her off on just probation. i can’t believe these people. from Paris’s ‘mental breakdown’ to nicole’s ‘pregnancy’.
    Everyone knows when you’re seriously anorexic, you stop ovulating, which means pregnancy is not in the cards.

  19. paris

    joel will b such a gr8 parent but not nicole

  20. paris

    joel will b such a gr8 parent but not nicole

  21. paris

    joel will b such a gr8 parent but not nicole

  22. maya

    hey nicole and joel i live on ur street so if u guys need a babysitter call me k.
    or email me @

  23. maya

    hey nicole and joel i live on ur street so if u guys need a babysitter call me k.
    or email me @

  24. maya

    hey nicole and joel i live on ur street so if u guys need a babysitter call me k.
    or email me @

  25. hey nicole and joel i live on ur street so if u guys need a babysitter call me k.
    or email me @

  26. hey nicole and joel i live on ur street so if u guys need a babysitter call me k.
    or email me @

  27. hey nicole and joel i live on ur street so if u guys need a babysitter call me k.
    or email me @

  28. I want that hat.



  29. Elizabeth Ann

    First off women as skinny as Nicole don’t mensturate nor ovulate especially if she only weighs an alleged 83 pounds, and second Joel supposidly broke up with Nicole after a recent trip to an awards show in austrailia sometime last month and in a report the reason why Joel broke up with her was because she was too clingy.
    And this could all be a big publicity stunt just to get out of her possible jail sentence by faking a pregnancy.

  30. Annarielle

    Joel and Nicole are still dating. They didn’t break up. They had a fight, but they have been seen together since then. They are still dating. Stop reading so much from Perez.

  31. Annarielle

    one more comment… I also say it is unfair to label her as an unfit mother or make jokes about child services. The way Nicole portrays herself on the Simple life, I’m sure, is vastly different from her private life. I wish Nicole and Joel all the luck with having the child… and stop saying she’s using it as a stunt to get out of jail. I say Bullshit. Quit basing Nicole off of magazine, and web articles, because 95% of that shit is bullcrap. Nicole is Nicole… accept her for the way she is… slender or average. I think everyone should be supporting her for all the things she is trying to do to get herself better for her own future and her childs.

  32. sarah


    first off, joel madden is disgusting, nicole can do better, second, shes not pregnant.

    it’s common sense that she can’t ovulate.

    even if she was, i would get an abortion, that would be one fugly baby.


  33. ella

    Nicole has a BIG surprise coming whether she eats well or not. As long as that baby is alive in there, she’ll pack on the pounds. If she doesn’t eat, she’ll still gain from the baby alone and probably kill or severely damage her child. So she’ll gain either way, but if she doesn’t eat well, it will be for nothing. Her natural body type is a lot more curvy and she’ll find that comes back very fast and then some. Since her metabolism is probably slowed to a crawl at this point, she’ll gain a TON of weight. It can’t be helped as long as the baby is alive.

    maybe she’ll suck it up. Either way she’ll gain weight and lots of it. She might as well attempt to be healthy so she doesn’t harm her child.

    I doubt Nicole weights 83 pounds…. how short is she again? If she’s really (REALLY) short, she MIGHT.. but even as thin as she is, unless she’s under five feet tall, she’s no 83 pounds, that’s for sure.

    There is also a stupid rumor going around *Hey “Nicole Richie” have you heard this one?? lmfao* that she has ingested 73,000 pills in four years. Let me just say as a math geek and a drug user, that is just impossible. That would equal to 18,250 pills per year or 351 (more or less) pills per week or a whopping 51 pills a day… That is simply impossible for her (or almost anyone’s) system to take. yet they say it’s true…

    Don’t believe everything you hear people.

  34. Ashley

    Hey Annarielle
    It’s sad that you support such a pregnancy considering the fact that this child would grow up with a crack-addict mother and most likely divorced parents.

    People need to stop trying to act like they know who someone is, debunk rumors and stories in magazines, when they don’t know the celebrity anyway.

    Nicole Richie is too thin to carry a baby and even if she is pregnant, she won’t come full term because she’s malnourished, and anorexia takes treatment to overcome. By then, she would have already lost the baby.

  35. she is confirmed pregnant !!

    it is just out anyway..

    she even is confirmed going to go to jail, got a $2k fine and a warning..

    maybe its not true, buts its at

    check it out heh

  36. U People Amaze Me

    I am pretty discusted that people judge someone they dont even know personally…. Everyone out there that is a mother or father has been a teen/young adult and at one point or another partied, So should you Label A wonderfully dedicated mother a bad parent or that childrens services should snatch up her children based on past choices? How do you know that she wont be a loving mother ? Oh thats right because the media tells you so!!!! very good, that just shows that you have no mind or heart to think for yourselves ooopppss sorry I guess I’m making harsh judgements on a bunch of people I dont know personally… and because I’m not that type of person I am deeply sorry!!! Try having compassion for another and not basing your critisism for the simple fact that your jealous that she’s rich and your not…. How do you know If you were her you wouldn’t be in the same situations making the same silly but very normal teen choices? You dont, so until you can walk in her shoes worry about your own children or your own wives/husbands, your own lives. And for those of you that dont yet have kids…. what do you do on a Saturday night? what are your secrets?

  37. Hottttt Guyyyyy

    Who would want to fuc.k. dat nicole slutttttttt neway! I’d rather fuc.k. Parissssssssssss
    now DAT would be amazing se.x.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She makes me horn.y. ohhhhhhhh yeah

  38. Fabie

    Well well, if Nicole Richie eats or not, is her problem, is she pregnant or not, as i said, is her problem, how many girls are pregnant, or how many girls are anorexic, Nicole is an extraordinary person, she is so smart, even if she get on drugs, or alcohol(hey she is just a human, and humans are not perfect!) and tell me, if you could have all the money that she has, youll be bored, and youll be the same or worse than her, so leave the poor girl with her problems cause we are nobody to judge all the fucking persons in the whole wide world.

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