Nicole Richie Obtains Restraining Orders Against Paparazzi

A Los Angeles judge ruled Friday that photographers, Eduardo Arrivebene and Ivon Miguel, have to temporarily stay 100 yards away from Nicole Richie and her two children. Last month Arrivebene rear ended Richie’s car, for which he was arrested immediately after the crash for driving without a license.

In Richie’s filing, she claims, “I am fearful that [their] continued presence may cause yet another accident, this time with my infant children in the vehicle.” Nicole also states that the two photographers regularly “stalk” the reality TV starlet and “scream at me in an attempt to get my reaction, scare me, follow me, chase me in [their] vehicle.”

Richie also says the shutterbugs “sit outside my house, waiting for me to leave.” Well, at least she’s got them off her back…for now. Maybe they’ll just start following Paris Hilton around. She wouldn’t mind.

Gallery Info: Court sketches from the hearing.