Nicole Richie, Naturally Skinny

September 15th, 2006 // 4 Comments

According to The Mirror’s 3AM:

The 24-year-old pipecleaner reckons she looks “all right” and says she’s naturally skinny. She drones: “I am one of those people that loses weight. I am naturally a thin person and I’m 5 ft 1in – putting on five pounds looks a lot on me.”

I love their use of “reckon.” But seriously, I’m starting to feel bad for Nicole. Clearly she has a problem, but doesn’t know how to deal with it. Whoah, sorry from the departure from snark into actual concern. I promise, it won’t happen again. I’m going to go shake it off…

Nicole: I Look Fine [3AM]

Written by Lisa Timmons

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. poppyhoney

    Nicole is beautiful!!!! She’s a tiny girl with a huge personality. Stop hating – she’s perfect.

  2. drdisaia

    As I recall (correct me if I am wrong):

    She did not always look like this.

  3. OpinionFactory

    Good thing she wore black to create the illusion that she is skinny…

  4. 0hlala

    yeah nicole used to be fatter because she was in rehab and she said ‘there was nothing to do but eat’.. nicole is beautiful and i have no problem with her weight as long as shes healthy..

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