Nicole Richie May Be Back On The Sauce…Or Worse

The infamously skinny Nicole Richie was recently seen leaving the West Hollywood Recovery Center, a treatment facility that specializes in 12 Step Programs. Nicole was seen on a Wednesday, coincidentally after the Crystal Meth meeting let out.

Now, I’m not saying anything for sure, because AA meetings are also held at the same time on Wednesday’s, but unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen all those specials on Crystal Meth and you know what it does to people. It makes you gross and skinny. Nicole has had trouble with substance abuse in the past.

It has been rumored that the stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe keeps her clients thin by providing them with the meth, and if that’s the case, it also explains why Rachel always looks all crater-faced and gross. So Nicole might actually be telling the truth when she says she doesn’t have an eating disorder.

I just hope we don’t see Nicole running around with lesions and missing teeth any time soon.

This story kind of makes me sad for Nicole. See, I’m not a complete monster.

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Written by Christina Sciarrillo