Nicole Richie Makes Kim Kardashian Her Fool

It looks like Nicole Richie finally found her April Fool’s Day victim yesterday. Who better to mess with then the lady who gets paid to lay in the sun? All Kim Kardashian seems to do on Keeping Up With the Kardashians is photoshoots and yet I have not seen so many ads. Whatever she’s hawking here, Kim did a wardrobe change from a gold bikini to a white one and progressively darkened in the sun.

Meanwhile, Richie hacked Kim’s Twitter account and tweeted “Sometimes I think I am a lesbian because HOT DAMN I think Nicole Richie is fffooooiiinnneee!” When people questioned if it was really Kim, Richie responded ‘Doll WHAT are you talking about its me Kim! I’m just not myself because I’ve had diarrhoea all day so I’m dehydrated.”
Um, that’s hysterical. It’s nice to see her with her shit together, but sometimes I miss Simple Life Nicole, so I’m glad she hasn’t completely disappeared. Khloe Kardashian got in the act, probably to get Kim back for hijacking Khloe’s show, and said ‘Are you ok? Kim honestly I hate it when you drink! You get so pushy!’ Eventually Richie tweeted it was a joke and everyone went swimming in pearls and money together while sipping margaritas. Isn’t that what people who don’t really need to work do?