Nicole Richie Makes Bad Joke About Twin Rumors

Maternity designer Nicole Richie showed off her growing baby bump last night while attending a benefit for the Richie-Madden Foundation and UNICEF in Los Angeles.  Boho-chic as ever in her satin dress with funky straps and an arm band, the expectant mother wore wavy hair and a tranquil smile.  Ah, the maternity glow. 

Some people actually believe there’s room inside that miniature body for TWO babies, so of course there’s a twins rumor.  Not another in vitro addict, please!  The rumors are probably as true as Lindsay Lohan’s latest sobriety promise, but the Richie-Maddens seem more concerned with joking about than dismissing them. 

“She already has twins,’ Benji teased last night while being (in his opinion) terribly witty.  Then Nicole added, “I have twins. People popped out of me yesterday.”  I hope you didn’t just spit out your lunch due to uncontrollable laughter.  She’s a regular comedian, that one.  Almost as funny as Dane Cook.

Gallery Info: Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Rachel Zoe, Barry Watson, Lauren Conrad, Matt Dallas, Benji Madden, Josh Madden, Charlotte Ronson, Robert Hoffman, Camille Gauty and Robert Shapiro at Sony Cierge and The Richie-Madden Childrens’ Foundation Private Cocktail Event Supporting UNICEF held at MyHouse.