Nicole Richie Licks Up Some Coke

January 31st, 2007 // 9 Comments

While Paris informs her that Nicole should be snorting it. Such a good friend. All of that plus a beaver shot and a topless Amanda Lepore. Obviously NSFW.

By Jessica Marx

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    You know this is even better than when Paris lost her sidekick *snigger* and she had everyone’s phone number in it. Now she’s ruining most of the careers and lives of her close friends. She’s so wonderful!

  2. Chele

    Aren’t they just lovely, such role models.

  3. Me

    What skanks! There parents should be so proud at what whores they raised. Lovely. Paris is crashing and burning. These entertainment shows need to quit mentioning her name even in passing. She is disgusting and so are her friends.

    Paris + *insert name* = Trouble

  4. mango1

    How gross. These videos were removed from youtube. Don’t know how long they will last here. Her life is a toilet.

  5. Butterface

    I am tired of notoriety for the sake of notoriety. Why are we supporting this bulls***?

  6. C. baines

    Shocking? No. I know 16 year old kids that are more wilder than them. But what is stupid is insisting on filming waay too much. Has anyone learned from the sex tape heyday? Rob Lowe much? Tommy & Pamela Lee yo? Come on.

  7. Big Faced Girl

    Besides Paris & Nicole, does anyone know the names of any of those other people? Is that Jared Leto or some other cutie boy? Who ARE those people???

  8. alexis

    that was disturbingly boring.

  9. johnholmesxx

    By the way guys..I have “used” coke its very common to lick the plate AND the wrap when its finished..its nothng new always been that way..ut whatever i jus#t think its stupid to say shes eating coke by the spoonful, obviously comming from people who dont know sh**

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