Nicole Richie Launches Website, Avoids Tabloids

Not content to simply take time off to gestate baby number two, Nicole Richie is following the launch of her jewelry line, the announcement of an impending maternity clothing line launch with the launch of her website,

This woman is very much into “launching” things at the moment. I imagine she’ll be so conditioned to launch that she’s just going to shoot that baby out like it’s a cannonball when the time comes.

Richie recently revealed that among her leisure activities, tabloid reading is not included. “We don’t allow tabloids in our house, so we really don’t know about anything unless it is serious,” Nicole confessed. That’s so sad. She’ll never know the trashy comfort of curling up under a blanket and reading the National Enquirer while sipping on Jack and Coke. Is she even American?

Gallery Info: Nicole Richie takes her baby daughter Harlow to visit her dad Joel Madden and uncle Benji Madden at DCMA retail store.