Nicole Richie Let’s One Slip

March 29th, 2005 // 4 Comments

Women never think about the over the shoulder view. Something to keep in mind when going braless girls.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mso

    May I ask what this obsession with nip-slips that seems to have gripped America is all about? IT’S A BREAST!!! BIG DEAL!!!! Go to any beach in Europe and that’s all you’ll see, boobies big and small as far as the eye can see… And yes, sometimes they slip out of clothing, sometimes you can see a nipple through a shirt. So fucking what. Only in America are people still puritanical enough that grown-ups will giggle at the sight of a woman’s nipple…

  2. pickles

    Okay, I know she lost a lot of weight and all, but where the hell did her arm go???!!! Arms that skinny scare me.

  3. Steve-0

    Boobs today are keeping todays youth alive. Have you ever noticed how weird europe really is? Its because men are surrounded by boobs every day at the beach and they never get the excitment of a nipple slip like they do in America. It is always a dream for a little boy to view some boobs, its like finding gold at the end of the rainbow. Soo please, before you diss all over nipple slips, think of the children and their need for boobies.

  4. hayden

    After paris dumped her Nicole needed some excuse to get in the tabloids, why not a near nipple slip.

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