Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth, And Other Celebs Get ‘Classy’

Derek Blasberg, and V magazine writer and gbf escort to the stars, wrote a book called Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Mode. It’s a modern day etiquette book in the time of Twitter and Reality TV. Otherwise how would we know that chasing a shot w/a lime that is in another girl’s mouth doesn’t make you a lady?

f you ask Blasberg who’s classy it reads like a fashinista it list. “Emma Watson. She just turned 20. She’s part of the biggest movie franchise of the last decade but still seems to have to her head on her shoulders.” We agree. Anyone who just discovered what a red solo cup was is probably a lady. “Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are two self-made, hardworking, diligent young girls,” he continues, “Kate Bosworth. Nicole Richie was sort of trampy in her childhood but is now a full-on lady.” Totally, extra points for trash to class.

Proper etiquette probably dictated Nicole to wear Missoni to the book’s party at the Missoni store in Beverly Hills yesterday, but a Missoni print caftan is still a bit much. I’m much more into Kate’s subtle Missoni paired with bright lipstick.

Mischa Barton came hoping to find chapters in the book on the classy ways to boot and rally, if its proper to share your weed with the people taking pictures of you, and if killing is impolite.

Click through the gallery to see who is no longer the least classy guy on the planet thanks to Jesse James and Tiger Woods, and who’s dress is a silver medal winner.