Nicole Richie Kills The Love That Once Was

December 8th, 2005 // 13 Comments

Maybe it was her sunglass preference that killed the romance for DJ AM. A phone line will be soon open to take you calls in this time of crisis.

Nicole Richie and her fiance, Adam Goldstein, have called off their nine-month engagement.

Richie’s publicist, Cindy Guagenti, confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that the couple have split. She said the breakup had been in the works for several days, but would not give any further details. The split was first reported by “Access Hollywood” and Us Weekly magazine.

Richie, co-star of the reality series “The Simple Life,” and Goldstein, a professional club DJ who goes by the name DJ AM, had dated for a year before becoming engaged last February.

Hilton announced in October that she was ending her own engagement to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis.

Somewhere right now, Paris is laughing.

Nicole Richie, Fiance Call Off Engagement [AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. DAMN! She looks terrible in that picture. Is that her Anastasia Beaverhousin look?

  2. Alikat

    Oh my gawd! I didn’t see that one comin!

  3. JP Thrashya

    If she slims down anymore she won’t have to open up a door, just slide thru the crack. just slide right on thru!!

  4. GirlyGirl

    Newsflash: She is a total coke whore. Post-rehab diets include shit like Twinkies. Pizza. 3 pack a day cig habits. Bags of Lays. She said on the 20/20 interview that she has just ‘naturally slimmed down since leaving rehab.’

    Uh, I call bullshit.

    I think she maybe quit stabbing her arm with a dirty needle full of smack, but she replaced that with feverishly snorting megalines of blow.

    The glasses? She ALWAYS wears them. Why? She doesn’t thave some kind of fucking retinal disease peeps. She’s hiding the freaked out wide-open dilation that every good crackwhore has…

    I think DJ AM really did go clean and sober- hell, he had his fat ass stapled to try to get back a decent life. And to have to live with the likes of her psycho binge-and-purge, coke-snorting, egocentric bullshit is more than ANY man should have to bear…

    Having said all of this- I would TOTALLY love to go to Robertson with her! :-)

  5. bunny

    they called it off?? damn. can i get that pasta maker from target back, please?

  6. King Smart Ian

    Bunny, can you ask for my Salad Shooter back at the same time? Owe you one. KSI

  7. Stewie Griffin

    what these people won’t do to generate publicity and maintain their status as the ugly, talentless Hollywood trash that they are. Anyone else notice they’re all doing the break-up thing at the same time? Guess we’ll be flooded with stories about this crap on that plaque of a tv show Access Hollywood tonight.

  8. netty

    I wanna know what really happened! They never say. They were so cute together, I’m really shocked!

  9. Silasdog

    Stewie, your comments rock! Now listen, I can understand this crack-bitch wanting to wear shades, but what’s the deal with these supersize glasses? Oh, wait, she’s in “Alien Crack Whores Do Hollywood.”

  10. Ang

    you know, i actually feel kinda bad for her… she will always be in paris’s shadow (notice every article mentions paris split with paris first?). i was hoping nicole would marry him and outshine paris once and for all.

  11. ortem

    marrying him would not make her any better then Paris

    being healthy and getting on with her life would make her better PERIOD… we watched Nicole come from a shakey background with drug addictions and looking like a train wreck to cleaning herself up on the outside

    but we can only guess what is going on inside

    go climb a moutain girl, f@ck NYC, f@ck your “friends” – go find YOU

  12. truthBtold

    i personaly think that the obsession of being fat hunts us all. But since clebs are faced with the fact that every second of everyday someone looks better then they do , so they make worst dressed, or someone is trying to be you so the press flips it and says you are tryign to be them. like think about it some of us wouldn’t be able to handle the world of clebs, even though technically sometimes it can be a pretty amasing life when you arint smothered by cameras and press.No matter how strong a person may appear or how strong they thing they are that everyone cracks under pressure thats why relationships dont work out and friendships tend to breakdown. People are always constently trying to be better then eachother and in trying to do so things get more and more difficult and frustrating. Nicole Proably has a eating disorder and/or drug addiction and the only way she knows how to releave herself from the pressure and the everyday life of her life is drugs because it brings her to a place where she doesn’t have to think about what shes goin to wear tomorrow or who will try and ruin her life, and in the eating disorder maybe it gives her somethign to focus on instead of the press . everyday she sees herself buried in untrue lies and events, maybe in seeing them so much she starts to believe them. It would drive any one crazy.Dont get me wrong , her eating disorder and/or drug addiction is very wrong and kinda disgusting , she should be givin a break and sent somewhere to find herself ( like ortem said) though the chances of that happening are slim to none. the press tries to pri-into the clebs lifes and find the reasons for there disorders and problems truth be told they drive celbs to there disorders and proablems with there lies and lack of respect.

  13. siobhan

    she looked stunning befor (better than paris) she has taken it way to far she needs a good meal i thin she looks terrable and i feel sorry for her

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