Nicole Richie Is Human Just Like Us

August 29th, 2006 // 6 Comments

Sometimes she trips, sometimes she falls. Mostly, we just watch her not eating.

Or maybe this is a very delayed reaction to Paris Hilton’s declaration of one year of abstinence.

Photos of a stable an upright Nicole Richie with boyfriend Brody Jenner are after the jump.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Me

    Nicole eating ice cream and drinking shakes for the cameras is BULL. I knew an anorexic and guess what the one thing was she ate once a day, everyday? Baskin and Robbins.

  2. GirlyGIRL

    Yeah, it must suck for poor little rich girl when her anorexic toothpick legs can’t hold her up anymore.

    You know what pisses me off? When we look back at pictures of Karen Carpenter, we all go, “Jesus, she looked baaaad. Skeletal. No wonder she keeled over dead.” No disrespect.

    And then with Nicole? WE PUT HER ON THE COVER OF MAGAZINES AS A FASHION ICON!!!! So wrong. 85 lbs on an adult is an illness, not a fashion statement.

  3. Meghan2184

    Girlygirl, I TOTALLY agree with you. I always say this. Nicole was a joke and “the sidekick” before she lost an extreme amount of weight, and now that she clearly has an eating disorder she has been given ad campaigns and hailed as a fashion icon. What kind of message is that sending?

    Furthermore, there are celebrities like Britney Spears who is made fun of throughout two pregnancies for not looking like she did when she was 17 and on tour. It’s disgusting. She’s PREGNANT. Hollywood mothers are expected to look like Heidi Klum and diet and workout while pregnant.

    This topic really gets me steamed!

  4. really?

    The weight of the designer handbag and a puff of breeze probably toppled her over, she is so underweight.

    Wait, in 5 years time, when people are saying Nicole who?, she will right her tell all autobiography, describing her anorexic years and her recovery, hopefully.

  5. poisonivy

    im jus amazed that she didnt fall in a heap. did she break any bones? she really look so fragile. Nicole , you really need to beef up..foods arent scary u knw. just take a plate, take a bite, shove sum more into ur mouth…mumch,mucnh, crunch, crunch, chew, chew, ..drink your…thats easy…shld we hire a food therapists for u too?

  6. kelly

    Obviously that horrible big ol’ headband/sweatband is more for balance than a try at fashion . . . quick, put it back on so you won’t hurt yourself (I mean, besides starving yourself to death).

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