Nicole Richie In Rehab For Eating Disorder And Substance Abuse

Nicole Richie has checked into rehab. Probably because she realized the vast amount of drugs she had to keep taking to get over filming that scene for the new season of “The Simple Life” wherein her and Paris fake they’ve mended their fences wasn’t worth sacrificing her well-being. Either that or she has an album coming out.

Actress and celebutante Nicole Richie has entered rehab for treatment of an eating disorder and substance abuse, according to media reports.

The emaciated Simple Life star checked into the Beau Monde Treatment Center in Corona Del Mar, California on May 11th, reportedly weighing in at 83 pounds.

The news comes amid reports that Richie has split with rocker beau Joel Madden.

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph claims the couple secretly split after attending the MTV Australia Video Music Awards last month.

The publication revealed that the Good Charlotte frontman Madden dumped Richie for being “too clingy.”

She’s been in there since the 11th? And they managed to keep it this quiet until now? So someone wants some publicity out of it. Seriously, when she was slightly pudgy and had the same smile as a developmentally disabled chick with the buckteeth and all – I sorta felt for her being stuck as Paris’ sidekick. Then she went full-on rexia and got cranky and conniving and began driving the wrong way down the freeway with a jibba in her mouth and a bottle of Vicodin in her emaciated claw and I lost all empathy for her. Get well soon I guess.