Nicole Richie Has Plans


Despite being jobless,Nicole Richie has a lot going on. She’s got a baby to birth, a wedding to plan and a bid to do. That’s a full day planner! Nicole’s telling people that she doesn’t think her and Joel will get married until after she gives birth to their anorexic baby with bad taste in music.

The Simple Life star, five months pregnant with her first child, is telling close friends that she and Joel Madden have decided to wait until after the birth to get hitched, E! Online has learned exclusively.

“She said she doesn’t want the baby to one day grow up and think she and Joel rushed to get married just because she got pregnant,” reveals a source close to the celebutante.

Keep reading for the real reason why Nicole doesn’t want to get married before the kid comes. It aint that nervous about what the kid’s going to think bullshit. It’s pretty obvious.

The Real Reason Is After the Jump

“Nicole doesn’t want to get married when she’s all big and fat,” the insider adds.

With Richie working her way toward her third trimester, her baby bump is clearly visible.

“She doesn’t want to have to get one of those dresses with a high waist, you know, just to hide her stomach,” the source says. “She wants to look gorgeous for her wedding photos.”

You KNEW that was why, as did I. This bitch ain’t the selfless princess she makes herself out to be. She’s the same ole Richie except we now know she can get impregnated. Getting knocked up doesn’t make you some kind of saint. That kid’s going to grow up thinking visible ribs are normal.