Nicole Richie Has Had a Baby in the Oven For Four Months

July 31st, 2007 // 17 Comments

Well, the rumors are true after all. Nicole Richie confirms for the first time she is pregnant with Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden’s baby.

“Yes, I am. We are. I’m almost four months,” Richie told Sawyer.


By Kimberly London

  1. Muzi


    Forget toy dogs, baby human beings will be the new it girl thing.

  2. rootabega


  3. jinxy mcdeath

    Sad. The baby will come out holding an E pill.

    Why is someone so fucked up on so many levels having a child? Selfish, bad driving bitch.

  4. bugette

    How is it even possible that she was actually fertile when weighing 90 lbs!?!

    Well, I guess maybe she naturally is that thin since her body seems to tolerate it (yes, I know she was bigger before though).

    I just hope her baby comes out okay and that mommy wasn’t doing any fetus-harming drugs early on in the pregnancy.

  5. hazel

    I would have thought her uterus was more barren than the Sahari…

    this is almost as bizarre as Katie Holmes getting preggers…

  6. mojo

    Well, I guess it’s time to be nice now. I can’t stand any of these young stars, but I wish her the best. I hope she has the cutest baby too. I wish them much happiness and success. Maybe if Nicole straightens up and flies right, it will have a trickle down effect on all the others.

  7. MardiGras

    Funny how these losers have no problem popping every pill they can get their hands on–except for birth control pills. What’s up with that??

  8. kellygrrrl

    idk why, but for some reason I give her a lot more credit than Paris or Britney. She just seems a bit smarter than those other idiots. I hope, for the baby’s sake, that she is growing up and ready to settle down. Good luck, Nicole

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  10. I hope the baby weighs less than her when it’s born!

  11. Emily

    For the sake of humanity does anyone have a wire coat hanger? Dear God…

  12. P

    HOW the hell was she able to get pregnant!?!? How long did it take to find out too …. I mean, you KNOW she hasn’t had a regular period for quite some time now … considering how long it took before she knew she was pregnant I wonder what type of pills/drugs she was taking?? Hopefully the baby comes out okay.

  13. Oy! Shiloh, scoot closer to Sean Preston, we need to make room for the new addition to the group therapy sesson!

  14. Ack, even spammers are posting on this site now. OK, Nicole does not disgust me as much as Britney or Paris but what has she really done? Act like a ditz on TV? Has a famous father? A Hollywood mom does not strike me as a good parent. But hey, I hope I am wrong but it’s scary when they start breeding, just look at train wreck Spears.

  15. peachpie

    jinxy — i’m old and out of touch — what’s an E pill?

  16. Zekers

    Peachpie, I believe she was referring to Ecstasy.
    MardiGras, excellent point.

    Hope she gets her sh*t together and does right by her child…

  17. well

    Did Nicole not live with her last guy, DJ? Someone asked why a pregnancy?

    When women really fall for someone, they still pull an “Oops!” Usually they don’t deliberately set out to get pregnant, but they become incredibly careless. They love the man and wouldn’t mind having a child with him, so they act irresponsibly and turn up pregnant.

    Nicole dated DJ for a good while, but no babies. This Joel guy is in the picture for only months and she’s having his baby. She doesn’t want him to go anywhere.

    Angelina Jolie did the same thing with Brad. She decided that Brad was the man she wanted to be the father of all her kids. She sure did not waste any time getting pregnant with Shiloh.

    The women are in control of these situations.

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