Nicole Richie Explains Paris Hilton Feud

Apparently, a post-rehabed Nicole Richie thought Paris Hilton didn’t have the type of vibe that she she be surrounded by. That explains the whole Steve-O hookup thing, he being such a sane person and having such a positive influence on people.

Nicole Richie has finally explained the reason behind her mysterious feud with her The Simple Life co-star Paris Hilton. The socialites had a much-publicized fall-out in January 2005 and have famously refused to divulge the reason behind their rift.

But Richie now insists she steered clear of her former pal after a stint in rehab made her reassess her priorities.

She tells Vanity Fair, “When I got out of rehab, I had to figure out what path to go down, and part of that included taking certain people out of my life. “I just decided I didn’t want to be her (Hilton’s) friend anymore. We’re just two completely different people; we don’t have that much in common.”

She may want to steer clear of Taryn Manning.

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(Images via Saving Face)