Nicole Richie Doesn’t Want Her Dad To Sing At Her Wedding

I do!  Oh, wait, I’m already married.  Can he sing at my divorce?

Oh, right, the story.  So E! has pretty much decided that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden will be getting married in December (those pesky anonymous sources!), and when the couple were asked about Lionel Richie possibly performing at a signing for her new book Priceless, Nicole didn’t really seem down with that.

Specifically, she said, “I’m not down [with that]!”

Whatever.  I’ll admit that Nicole Richie looks better these days than she ever has (Huzzah for sandwiches!), but she’s still pretty useless (I’ve worked in publishing and even The Situation could squeeze a book out if he has a great editor) and that Madden kid has the worst band ever.

But who really cares about my opinion anyway?  Stop listening to me and start looking at these pictures of Nicole and Joel with their super adorable kids (I wish I could count that as an accomplishment) at the California Pizza Kitchen in LA on Thursday.  Great; now I want pizza.