Nicole Richie Decides to Stay in County Jail, Gets a Baby Present from Danny Bonaduce

In what I’m guessing is an attempt to preemptively diffuse potential public backlash following her stay in jail, Nicole Richie has opted to go ahead and just do her time in county jail, rather than attempt to get any kind of special treatment.

“Her attorney has contacted us and indicated that Ms. Richie wants to do her sentence in the L.A. County jail,” Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, said on Friday.

Meanwhile, fellow substance abuser/media whore, Danny Bonaduce, decided to take advantage of some free publicity be a good guy and personally drop off a gift bag of goodies for her baby to her doorstep. Oh Danny. I love how you enjoy pretending to be a good father to everyone on the planet but your own children. By the way, can we just discuss how I would NEVER want to under circumstance open up my door to find Danny Bonaduce standing there? I would just assume it was an angry leprechaun who’d shown up to rape me, while forcing me to laugh at his horrible jokes.