Nicole Richie Channels Lady GaGa in ‘BlackBook’

Apparently Lady GaGa’s neuroses have already paid off.  Her attention-craving predecessor, Nicole Richie, basically clones the trendsetting singer in a new BlackBook Photoshoot.

Wearing a platinum blonde wig with chunky bangs, the hazel-eyed mother is decked out in gaudy gold and diamond-encrusted jewelry, including some interesting (read: ugly) fingernail covers.  Modesty, you know. 

Shedding her flower child style for eighties threads, pregnant Nicole wears a
tempered version of Lady Gaga’s bubble dress (this
one sans cameltoe) over a spandex bodysuit and futuristic patent leather pumps. 

In another outfit/costume, Joes Madden’s girl reinvents the eighties in graphic tights, an embellished tunic and disco heels.  We do glimpse a little of Nicole in a black cotton tank and drapey sweater wrap, but the two-piece stops short of bohemian when accented by a pair of
retro gloves and familiar-looking shades

I’m just thankful – as I’m sure Nicole is – that the stylists didn’t make her wear fake eyelashes that look like two permed Charlie Chaplin mustaches.

Gallery Info: Nicole Richie Blackbook magazine photoshoot.