Nicole Richie Channels Lady GaGa in ‘BlackBook’

March 20th, 2009 // 9 Comments

Apparently Lady GaGa‘s neuroses have already paid off.  Her attention-craving predecessor, Nicole Richie, basically clones the trendsetting singer in a new BlackBook Photoshoot.

Wearing a platinum blonde wig with chunky bangs, the hazel-eyed mother is decked out in gaudy gold and diamond-encrusted jewelry, including some interesting (read: ugly) fingernail covers.  Modesty, you know. 

Shedding her flower child style for eighties threads, pregnant Nicole wears a
tempered version of Lady Gaga’s bubble dress (this
one sans cameltoe) over a spandex bodysuit and futuristic patent leather pumps. 

In another outfit/costume, Joes Madden‘s girl reinvents the eighties in graphic tights, an embellished tunic and disco heels.  We do glimpse a little of Nicole in a black cotton tank and drapey sweater wrap, but the two-piece stops short of bohemian when accented by a pair of
retro gloves and familiar-looking shades

I’m just thankful – as I’m sure Nicole is – that the stylists didn’t make her wear fake eyelashes that look like two permed Charlie Chaplin mustaches.

Gallery Info: Nicole Richie Blackbook magazine photoshoot. 

By Laura Bulchis

  1. chiquitabanana

    Seriously, Who is Nicole Richie and what does she do? or better yet why is she in a cover of a magazine???????

  2. Anne Arkham

    Why does she keep looking whiter?

  3. lol

    why is she on the cover of a mag? Lets just pretend it’s really lady gaga.

  4. Kerry

    Lady Gaga would not make this picture any better! It might actually be worse. Atleast Nicole doesnt assault us with her horrible, boring, useless “music”

  5. frosty

    nicole ritchie has her own style…you wouldn’t think she’d need to rip off lady gaga…

  6. Oli

    NO NO NO

    Why is she acting like a poser.
    I really liked Nicole cause of her charming and fun personality, but common this is just week. Yes, maybe the look isn’t totally original but Lady Gaga is the one doing it now, it’s her style. This is just silly copy cat none original photoshoot, whom had the idea was lazy and none original.

  7. Janet Estrada

    Actually, even though she didnt really do anything, you guys gotta get your facts straight she is not channeling lady gaga at all she’s actually channeling a transgender model FROM THE 80′S I forget how to spell her name but maybe lady gaga ripped her style off!

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