Nicole Richie Bikini Photos

May 30th, 2006 // 30 Comments

I’m going to say it. She’s not quite looking as skeletal as she has of late. Could her recent intake of slushies and Big Mac’s have anything to do with it? That said, what is up with the scarf thing that Nicole and her friend are sporting? Why do so many women mimic the fashion style of their friends?

More photos of Nicole Richie in a bikini, after the jump.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Candy

    Simply put….GROSS

  2. john

    Did you ever notice how big her feet looks?

  3. lily

    Those are the Traina sisters(Danielle Steele’s very rich daughters), and that beach scarf look is SERIOUSLY awful.

  4. m

    Holy @#$! I see some hips!!! OMG.

    She does look better, still skeletal, but better. Her jolly green giant friend is the one who looks like she needs one of those Big Macs crammed down her throat.

  5. ME

    ok that is just disturbing! i think i just threw up in my mouth… ewwwwwwwwwwww

  6. Just little me

    That scarf makes her look fat.

  7. anniem

    I think those are their dresses wrapped around their neck rather than scarfs… at least I hope so.

    I think she looks a lot healthier. Obviously she is trying to gain weight so why is it people are continuing to be nasty?

  8. brazilliant

    scarf on beach= hickey cover

  9. gOssiP

    better? her chest is caving in!!

  10. Small Fry

    I think she looks good. At least she’s not blowing some guy on camera and then “accidentally” on purpose leaking it to the press as a publicity stunt.

  11. Miss Priss

    You can never be too rich or too thin.

  12. nevermind

    You can still see her clavicle and ribcage. You can see the tendons in her feet. She is still “skeletal”. A few protein shakes and less time on the treadmill will do her wonders. Five more pounds and she will have a decent cleavage. DJ AM lost a lot of weight with his diet and surgery but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want any meat!

  13. stephiepoo

    …Or to hide their skinny necked collarbones??
    Well I really agree with anniem here..those “scarves” kind of do look like dresses or something they wore to the beach. Just why around their neck? I still think tho to hide how skinny around their neck is? she does seem to be gaining a little.
    And also really we know she has problems, she did admit it herself in VF and knows she has to change things..she is trying. It isn’t easy, and being under the spotlight all the time doesn’t help either.
    But I do give her credit and applaude her efforts of trying to gain a little. If that in fact is what she is doing.

  14. stephiepoo

    oh ya..and small fry I like your name :D I used to have that nick name too Smallfry..from my sister. But since I’m not really a smallfry anymore..doesn’t really fit. lol

  15. In the last photo the “scarf” looks like a pillowcase wrapped around Nicole’s neck (with tag stillintact) or a t-shirt. Maybe they’re hiding hickeys? We’ll never know. She does look like she’s gained a bit of weight, although I think her many bangles are helping to weigh her down so she doesn’t get blown away by the ocean breeze.

  16. oh look it’s the itty bitty titty committee lol…she looks like a 50 year old woman

  17. dots

    That tall chick on the left has the scariest legs I have ever seen. I’m sure all three of them hit the pipe. (Nicole does look better tho… I will admit that)

  18. d.c.

    someone forgot to remove all of Mummy’s bandage wraps?

  19. CeeLove75

    Ew sick…She’s disgustingly skinny…plus her scarf is completely useless! I mean, if she really wants to warm up on the beach then she should go eat a few more of those Big Macs…

  20. FunMe

    why is it people are continuing to be nasty?”

    Ah, because she is nasty.

    Next question!

  21. delicious_dysfunktion

    Just imagine how much a grilled cheese sandwich would do for this girl.Really sad that preteens and teenagers alike look through-I mean,up to her.

  22. Dancer

    I don’t think this is a scarf. I think they have tank tops wrapped around their necks.

  23. Jacqueline

    it’s like there’s a party in my mouth…and everyone is throwing up. g-r-o-s-s.

  24. ninala

    i dont find her that thin any more.. almost every model look like that..

  25. Rich man 29

    Looking better, she still need to add a pound or two more to look normal/healthy.

  26. Small Fry

    She looks to weigh between 95-105 in these pics, and that happens to be a normal weight range for someone that is 5’2″ or 5’3″. I think we have just become so used to seeing everyone in America with 20-50 extra pounds. We are an extremely unhealthy society in that regard and while I don’t condone anorexia (the way she used to look) or any other eating disorder I don’t think there is anything wrong with being thin.

    Thanks Stephiepoo!

  27. ginger

    she looks like a granny here.
    and her hands & feet look like creepy claws.

  28. jj

    nice body nicole and you look great girl!!

  29. sita

    that is not. the normal weight for her height… I’m around 5’3 … I don’t think your ribs are supposed to stick out through your skin.

  30. She would have definitely looked better in bikini if she had more meat on her like she used to.

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