Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Tweet About ‘We Are The World’

Nicole Richie was four when she watched her father Lionel Richie make the original “We Are The World” 25 years ago, and on Monday she came back with 80 other stars to the same studio with him for the rerecord.

“I hope Jennifer Hudson wasn’t upset that I was out singing her tonight” Richie tweeted as a joke.  At least I hope it’s a joke. Wasn’t she working on an album in 2005?

Her man Joel Madden, who helped Haiti on Larry King Live’s special, came along with their two year old daughter Harlow Madden and he also tweeted about the session. “Watched harlow flirt with Kanye, Cary Hart, Busta [Rhymes], Sean garret, and the jonas brothers. Just like her mom, she plays hard to get.” Hang in there Madden, one day she might marry you.

Here’s the fashion designer out yesterday in a cute casual outfit and some jeans that go a little too long on the petite brunette.  Unless that’s the next boyfriend jeans.