Nicole Richie And Joel Madden And Baby Take In A Rock Show

Joel Madden surprised Nicole Richie by whisking her and baby Harlow away to check out the Coachella Music Festival this weekend. Because what better place is there for a three and a half month old child than among thousands of people stomping around high in the California desert to loud rock music? Infants love that shit. F*ck the Wiggles!

“I [rented] a house and surprised Nicole with a weekend trip because she likes Coachella. She was like, ‘I really want to go!’ So I surprised her. We brought the baby,” Madden told the press. He said that Nicole “hasn’t been able to do a whole lot over the year,” so he gifted her with a trip. Uh, everywhere I turn there’s photos of her out and about, at parties and getting lunch. So does he mean she’s been distracted by nanny-hiring? That can tire a bitch out.

Seriously, if she wasn’t an heiress and he wasn’t in a mildly successful rock band, they would be living in a one bedroom apartment fighting over why he’s always going off with his friends to work on their hot rods and how she’s always stuck with the baby.

Joel’s brother Benji and his partner in gross Paris Hilton were also on the premises. When asked, Joel said that it would probably be he and Nicole getting married first because they’re “the ones with the baby.” Also, Benji isn’t quite sure he wants to subject his penis to that for a lifetime just yet.


12 more photos of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden enjoying themselves at a party in Palm Desert, CA are after the jump.