Nicole Richie Admits She Thought She Could Drive High

August 2nd, 2007 // 3 Comments

In her interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC, her baby-daddy, Joel Madden, by her side, Nicole Richie admits that at the time of her DUI, she believed that driving under the influence of marijuana and Vicodin was perfectly fine. After an incredulous laugh from her boyfriend at this revelation, Richie very wisely plays it Hugh Grant and basically admits to everything, saying that her entire life, she’s always tried to get out of ever having to take responsibility for her actions. Now, whether or not she’s actually learned her lesson, because of the fact that Paris Hilton made such an ass of herself before, during and after her stay in jail, it’s hard not to find Nicole at least comparatively more mature. Also, I have to admit, her hair and make-up look good. And really, folks, isn’t that what’s important?

By Lisa Timmons

  1. She does look good, doesn’t she? Man.

  2. GirlyGirl

    Aren’t her 15 minutes of fame up yet? Jesus… enough of the crackhead, anorexic, famous-for-nothing, billionaire babies… Yeah, not too long ago she was on another show swearing she didn’t do drugs, was working on her weight issues, blah blah blah….

    And you KNOW her coked up self thought getting knocked up would earn her a sympathy sentence with the judge… and it did. Except now she has to actually have a kid.

    I gotta say it- the only winner in all of this is Hilary Duff.

  3. oh well

    I caught just a small bit of the interview. She’s trying, so that’s what matters. Joel and Nicole look like they are in love with each other. He seems totally supportive of her, not like a guy that got snared. I think he is happy about the baby.

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