Nicole RIchie to Be Feted with a Shower from Paris

Nice try, Nicole, but we totally see you! Uber-pregnant Nicole Richie is attempting to leave a friend’s house whilst giving the paparazzi the slip, but those big sunglasses and hood are doing little to conceal “The Simple Life” star from picture-hungry photogs. And now, her co-star from the reality series and on-again, off-again buddy, Paris Hilton, is preparing to throw Nicole a baby shower. The event is scheduled to take place this Sunday afternoon at 12:30 PM at a Beverly Hills estated, according to In Touch. However, having had more experience in preventing a birth, rather than preparing for one, Paris has admitted to being foggy on the upcoming shower’s details.

“I honestly don’t know what you play at a shower.”

“Maybe I’ll find a book or something to get some ideas.”

Oh lord, I can only imagine what kind of “games” Paris ends up with for the event. Baby bottle beer pong, change the diaper of the wasted starlet, and maybe a few crank calls to Hilary Duff should do it for the ladies.

Photos: Flynet Online