Nicole Richie’s Come A Long Way Baby

Nicole Richie is enjoying the occasional cigarette whilst pregnant. Hey, so what? Ri-Ri Harvey smoked while she was pregnant and look how well I turned out! Oh jesus, that child is in serious trouble.

Mommy-to-be Nicole Richie. 3:30 p.m. Pony tail, black jeans, waistcoat. Exits DaSilvano with one young girl, one middle-age lady. On the sidewalk, after checking who’s at which outdoor tables, she lights up. They jump into a waiting black Caddy Escalade, Nicole into the front seat. Still smoking.

Three days later, 7:30 p.m., Nobu. For somebody who doesn’t eat, she sure frequents lots of restaurants. She’s there with the baby in the bun’s father. They leave. Outside she lights up again.

That’s incredibly classy. I hope her kid comes out with a tracheotomy hole. That’ll learn her! What a selfish bitch. She probably reasoned “well, you know, I gave up drinking and taking pills. I need ONE thing to get me through this trying time!” God, there should be a test and licensing process for breeding for these putrids. I know that sounds fascist, but can you picture these people’s children in thirty years? Terrible bands, doing every drug in sight and running people over in the street without any fear of reprisal. It’s gonna be like Death Race 2000 with snottier drivers.

Photos: Flynet Online