Nicole Richie, Where’s Your Baby?

March 26th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Here’s Nicole Richie heading to Mo’s with a friend on Shapeless Dress Day. You know, she gave birth fairly recently and I rarely see her pushing a stroller. I know Moms don’t need to be chained to their kids, but does she even know what it looks like? Harlow is sad because Mommy doesn’t like her new accessory!

Nicole is busy designing a new jewelry line, which will be produced by Mouawad. They produce Heidi Klum’s jewelry line. She’s excited because this new gig reminds her to acknowledge her kid.

“Everyone’s been really mellow and able to work around my schedule. If I need to go feed the baby, I do it,” she says.

“Need to?!?” Yes, babies need food. Jesus. In addition to the jewelry venture, Nicole is also planning on producing a children’s clothing line and a fragrance. Harlow should try out to be a model for the children’s clothing so Nicole will finally pay attention to her. At this point, Nicole might show up for her high school graduation if she’s not too busy.


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By J. Harvey

  1. glad

    I am glad she doesn’t take her small child out for people to gawk at and then give their negative impressions. Keep up the good work Nicole take here around people who love her unconditionally.

  2. B.SophiaLoren

    I inexplicably have a lot of love for Nicole Richie. I think she realizes that her out with the baby would cause a media frenzy. I also think that she knows her out wearing shapeless dresses would make speculate on her weight, and really, even she’s sick of the “is she or isn’t she” ana questions.
    Make something I can afford, Nicole!

  3. JanePitt

    The baby was brought into this world as a prop for Nicole. She will bring it out when her publicty starts to wan.

  4. deemarie

    CANKLES !!!

  5. Loob

    “Mouawad”. That’s attractive. Sounds like the sound made when hacking up a hairball.

    I was quickly put off by the way she started going out partying all night, immediately after the birth. She acts like she had some pesky thing removed, not like something wonderful happened in her life.

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