Nicole Kindman Thinks and It Probably Hurt A Little

Nicole Kidman never ceases to amaze me with her little nuggets of “knowledge.” Her rules of monogamy astound me. The project “Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus” delves into the rocky love life of the Diane. Kidman, who was promoting the film in Rome, gave her thoughts on infidelity.

“I don’t think that sexual faithfulness is the most important one. It is the easiest type to define, but mental unfaithfulness is far more subtle and dangerous. How far can you go in this type without being ‘really’ unfaithful? It’s a difficult issue for which I don’t have answers, only questions.”

Sounds exactly like a George W. Bush answer. She goes on to further her rambling by stating:

“Reading Arbus’s biography by Patricia Bosworth (on which Fur is based), I found many things in common with myself. I have a passion for photography. I collect black and white photos by Man Ray and Lee Miller, also her wish to explore the world – to not give up on hopes and dreams and to live life in a brave way.”

She does realize that Diane Arbus committed suicide right?

Nicole Kidman: ‘Mental’ Cheating Is Most Dangerous [People]

Written by Cara Harrington

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