Nicole Kidman’s World Tour?

While Nicole Kidman just made a splash in Kosovo, she may make her mark next in India.

After the herculean-big-deal is being made out of Brangelina’s India visit, another Hollywood superstar may be descending on Indian shore soon. Yes, if the grapevine is to be believed then Nicole Kidman will be making an appearance at the International Women’s Film Festival to be held in New Delhi from December 11th.

That may be good news for the organizers but the bad news is that Nicole asks for a humungous sum of money as professional fee for any such appearance. For meeting her expenses the orgainsers are going to be holding an art auction on November 5th to raise money. It has also been learned from reliable sources that Kidman’s last film ‘Fur’ might be screened at the festival as well.

It all seems to be about the money, doesn’t it? So much for the goodwill of supporting the International Women’s Film Festival.

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Written by Lauren Burch

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