Nicole Kidman’s Latest Flick Isn’t Blossoming

Page Six is claiming that Nicole Kidman’s latest movie had to go for re-shoots. How dare they even question Nicole, she’s an acting goddess. Ok, someone should have questioned Bewitched but everyone has a bad day now and then.

THE buzz on “The Invasion” – Nicole Kidman’s space alien movie coming out next year from Warner Bros. – isn’t promising. One source said, “Half the movie is being reshot after [the rough cut] didn’t test well.” A rep for Warner says, “They are doing mostly second-unit reshoots now, and there has been no testing.”

There is such an easy solution to this and it would make millions. The movie is a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, right? Ok, instead of pod people space aliens, how about pod people SCIENTOLOGISTS? Seriously, do a flick about a space alien cult that has mind controlled a whole bunch of idiot closet case celebrities and how they’re trying to infiltrate society and enslave us all! Nicole’s been there! Bitch knows! It would make trillions! There would be cups at Burger King for the kids to collect and everything!

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