Nicole Kidman’s Engagement Ring?

January 13th, 2006 // 12 Comments

The Simon Wiesenthal Center honored Rupert Murdoch at an inspirational black-tie dinner, and Nicole Kidman was in attendance showing off a really sparkly diamond ring. Discuss.

(Source: Open All Night)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. This was on the news here in Aus, yeah the actual news. I don’t care if she’s engaged by WHY THE HELL IS RUPERT MURDOCH BEING GIVEN A HUMANITARIAN AWARD? Is it the media tycoon annual dinner or something?

  2. neither do i, why he’s she making such a mistery about this keith Urban? Who is he anyway?

  3. Busybody

    I am happy for her engagement…but how about we see her at some of her daughter’s soccer games instead of Tom and Katie!

  4. Peggy

    First, and foremost, from the images presented, you can’t even tell it’s her hand. Then, even if it were, you can’t exactly tell what fingerr it was on. Maybe she just put on a sparkly ring to balnace it with the monocoloured dress.To liven it up a bit..A ring doesn’t necessarily mean you’re engaged/married

  5. willow

    The most important thing I can see in this pictures is that she’s actually eating!

  6. Tracy

    Nice ring. Wish I had it.

  7. Paris Hilton's Hymen

    Wait a second?

    Nicole Kidman EATS??

  8. the wedding planner

    nice ring but I like mine better :)

  9. Fugly Girl

    This was on Extra last night. The ring is on her left ring finger and she kept trying to hide it as she posed for photographs. This really annoys me! If you don’t want people to think/know you are engaged then don’t wear a frickin 20 carat ring to an event! DER!

    Second, her boyfried/fiance whatever you want to call him…..he’s supposed to be some country singer. Nobody knew who the hell he was until they started dating and now they are playing him on pop radio stations. ANNOYING!

  10. gia

    i am sure she managed to force down a couple of bites seeing that it was probably her only meal of the day…
    that is a nice ring.

  11. Lucy

    Someone should tell her that those manky, red, wrinkly hands are karma for pretending that Murdoch isn’t the spawn of satan.

  12. Mona

    Hey Fugly girl-
    Keith Urban has been around for several years. He’s not just recently recognized because he’s dating Nicole Kidman. Maybe if you’d climb out from under the rock you’d have heard of him. I don’t wonder why you’re name is Fugly girl!

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