Nicole Kidman Won’t be Making Any Flicks Alongside That Weird Guy She Was Married to

Nicole Kidman’s people set Liz Smith’s ass straight about the rumors concerning Nicole doing a film with Tom.

We repeated a tiny overheard rumor that Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise might make a film together, at the same time expressing skepticism. Well, this behooved Nicole’s elegant p.r. rep to call and say it wasn’t so.

What is so is that Nicole will disappear for the next few months. Toward the end of March, she’ll start making a movie called “Australia” with Hugh Jackman, under the direction of her favorite, Baz Luhrmann, the man who shot to fame via “Moulin Rouge!” These three Aussies (though Nicole was actually born in Honolulu) will be so happy working together all over that great big country Down Under.

Why in the hell would Nicole ever stick her head back into that oven? You don’t escape the clutches of Xenu only to run right back and work alongside his biggest cheerleader. No paycheck’s worth that.