Nicole Kidman Wedding Details

June 23rd, 2006 // 7 Comments

As we near the wedding day of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, more details begin to surface. We are thrilled to report that a priest has declared that the love between the two is a “mature love.” Huh? Father Paul Coleman had this to say about the couple:

Father Paul Coleman, who has met the couple to discuss their marriage, said he had a “good feeling about their chances”.

The priest, who has been a Kidman family friend for 30 years, said: “You’ve got to rely on their maturity and knowledge of each other and I’m impressed.”

A “good feeling about their chances.” That’s not quite the solid endorsement I would hope for from a priest. Oh well. Nicole will be wearing a gown by Balenciaga, which is said to be a flowing column of chiffon and lace. The church is said to be all spruced up for the wedding.

But it was hard to hide the white marquee outside Cardinal Ceretti Memorial Chapel in Sydney’s exclusive Manly Beach suburb, where the nuptials are expected to take place on Sunday.

The bill for white orchids is said to top £50,000, with the cake costing £1,500. Australia’s answer to Jamie Oliver, Luke Mangan, has been drafted in to oversee the menu.

The dress, the venue and the menu for Nic’s nuptials [Hello!]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. maryanne29

    Wake me up when this wedding is over. All this pre-publicity is annoying.

  2. Tealeaf

    Nicole is looking more like a wax dummy everyday.Nice she is getting married, but honestly Iam bored by her and Keith.

  3. las

    Well, they’re both celebs and she was once married to the Crazed Scientology Midget Lord, so I’m betting “good feeling” is high praise from that priest. Otherwise, he might have just said, “May God have mercy…”

  4. Lisa

    Manly Beach, that’s funny!

  5. House of Wax

    Waaaaay too much botox in yonder forehead, Nic. Her face looks frozen in that joker smile she’s got going.

    I give the marriage eight months.

  6. nico

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahrgh! look at those lips! she’s morphing into meg ryan.. :p

  7. countrybabe

    I think she’s marrying him because she wants a kid. The prenup talks about children. I guess his record sales aren’t that good. I think it’s cool she’s marrying someone from her own country this time. I’ve like Nic every since I saw her on Oprah. You could see the real Nicole after Tom.
    I didn’t really like her much before that on the red carpet. I can’t wait to see pictures of this wedding!

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