Nicole Kidman To Quit Acting

Well, not right at this moment. Although, she has stated that she’d give it all up for the right man. How provincial.

The Australian actress fears there won’t be enough space in her heart to love both the man of her dreams and her career, so one will have to be sacrificed.

She says, “I love lying in the darkness. I should love to be lying in somebody’s arms… I enjoy those moments…

“My life doesn’t leave me with a lot to give to somebody else. I always said that if I fall deeply in love again I will not be able to continue in this way.

“That’s why I would need someone to sweep me off my feet – because I probably wouldn’t make a choice to give up what I’m doing otherwise.”

Somehow I don’t think that we’ll witness Nicole jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch when she finds the heterosexual man of her dreams.

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