Nicole Kidman Premieres Her New Heartbreaking Film ‘Rabbit Hole’

In her new film Rabbit Hole, Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart play parents who try to cope with the death of their four-year-old child.

Kidman debuted the film at the Toronto Film Festival last night, dressed in Prada, and said, “Most films are hard if they’re beautifully written and they’re dealing with a subject matter that isn’t easy, that isn’t a comedy – devastating. But at the same time I wanted to do it justice for the people that have been through this.”

“It’s not easy to get a film like this made, or get it screened in Toronto, I just feel very grateful and very emotional,” she added.

Eckhart agreed that the filming of the movie was intense, but that the rest of the cast and crew kept it upbeat at times to keep everyone’s spirits lifted.

And Nicole returned Aaron’s praise, saying: “He’s such an inspiration, I loved being able to explore this together. He was right there through the whole thing supporting me and I hope I was supporting him and he felt that.”

Check out Kidman and husband Keith Urban, Eckhart, Tammy Blanchard, Jon Tenney, and John Cameron Mitchell at the premiere last night!