Nicole Kidman Never Married Tom Cruise In Eyes Of Catholic Church

The Catholic church is so technical. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were married for almost ten years, and somehow Nicole Kidman was able to marry Keith Urban in a Catholic church. So how did she manage to do it? She didn’t get an annulment; they were married for ten years after all. In the eyes of the Catholic church, her marriage to Tom Cruise never happened. The original wedding was performed in the Church of Scientology and wasn’t recognized by the Catholic faith. It was a legal marriage but never a religious one.

So Kidman would only have had to have obtained a licence from the Catholic Church saying that she was legally free to marry and that the Church had not recognised her first marriage.

“The Catholic Church sets down requirements to have a valid Catholic marriage. In the case of Nicole’s first marriage, those requirements were not fulfilled,” said Father Coleman, who married Kidman and Urban.

Kidman had dabbled with Scientology and Father Coleman talked of her Catholic wedding in terms of a spiritual homecoming.

Annulment is, nevertheless, controversial in some Catholic circles. How can the Church rule a marriage never really happened, especially if it’s been a long one and generated children?

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