Nicole Kidman Might Be Bumpy With Baby

It’s got to be awkward, deciding what to do with your hands, as you
stand in front of about 200 cameras, knowing that even the slightest
nod of your head can change everything. 

But Nicole Kidman
positioned her long and slender fingers in an especially unique way
last night, as she folded them across her belly at the Tokyo premiere
of Australia with Oscar presenter Hugh Jackman.

The body language, as well as Nicole’s departure from figure-hugging long dresses fuel speculation that she and hubby Keith Urban will soon introduce a sibling to eight-month-old Sunday Rose.

A slight bump was even visible in her clingy white Oscar gown on Sunday.  Then again, we have seen her do this hand-to-stomach action before.  Maybe she’s just started eating whole meals again?

Gallery Info: Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman at the Australia premiere in Tokyo