Nicole Kidman Knew Tom Cruise Was Tapping Her Phone

March 27th, 2006 // 19 Comments

That little devil. It has come to light that Tom Cruise has his private eye, Anthony Pellicano, allegedly tapping Nicole Kidman‘s phones during the couple’s 2001 divorce. That doesn’t seem to hard to believe.

Kidman hired private eye Richie Di Sabatino, who told Page Six last week, “We swept her phones and put on an encryption device, so she couldn’t be wiretapped . . . We tried to keep one step ahead.” One pal said: “During her divorce, she would talk to friends on the phone and every couple of minutes break into the conversation and say, ‘So, Tom, are you listening,’ or ‘Am I saying what you want me to say, Tom?’ She knew he was either tapping her phone or trying to. She was no dummy. She not only knew about it but taunted Tom.” In fact, Pellicano may have been successful in his phone snooping. Kidman has been questioned by the FBI in the Pellicano investigation because the feds found a recording of her talking to Cruise in computers they seized from Pellicano’s office in 2002. Di Sabatino suggests the tape was from Cruise’s phone.

Nicole Teased Tom’s Snoops [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. d.c.

    Tom is in the upper levels of Scientology.. see him zap Ophrah.. darn right Katie and Nicole are brave to know him..

  2. sodoff

    I alwasy thought Tom Cruise always looked like an a*shole. He just looks like that guy in sun glasses who shakes your hand, gives you a cheesy sh*t faced grin while he f*cks you out of $10,000.

    I really liked the guy till the Today Show/Oprah Katie-Krazy stuff happened. I don’t believe it’s publicity, I THINK THIS GUY IS GENERALLY, NUTS!

  3. Steph

    I’ve always thought Nicole Kidman looked great with red hair. She looks kind of cold with the blond that she has now. She was most beautiful in Moulin Rouge, IMO, where she had the fiery red hair.

  4. jjr

    I think Nicole has proven to be one of the classiest actresses. She never says an unkind word. Never says gives off bad vibes about the people in her life and never discussed her private life in public. Thats why she is the A-lister. Tom is a paranoid nutcase–thats why Penelope ran when she saw the flying saucers circling. Who would wiretap an ex….Wasn’t he the one who walked out on her. Tom and Oprah are such good friends maybe they can throw a pity party for Jen — who by the way is still talking to the fr=====gin press!!

  5. Charlie

    Anybody ever hear anything as to why he left Nicole? It’s weird but I have never heard a single thing. As to her being classy and all that, yeah she has shown a great deal of restraint but I don’t think she has much of a choice. I get the impression that he would destroy her if she said anything negative about him.

  6. i feel sorry for katie holmes… she should have been mine.

  7. jjr

    No other human has that kind of power not even Tom- Ask the FBI. No. I think Nicole believes in good Karma.

  8. Kebrin

    I think that story of Kyle Bradford seems to play a huge role in the redirection of his life.I noticed how he changed and the divorce? who knows until Nicole writes the book or reveals it on what and how it happened. I think money plays a huge role to play the sounds of silence.As for his religion the guy is cracked and fanatisism shrunk his brain.Poor Katie and her family.Its like they invited a dangerous stray dog.

  9. tinalou

    Maybe he has gone all nutty cuz he has switched to ‘vitamins’ instead of his usual meds?

  10. Kelsey

    Oh Tia…look at your precious Tom now…jk, don’t hate me (cowers in a corner)

    But seriously…dude is fuuuuuked. Probably wire-tapped her to make sure she wasn’t telling people about his gay romps and ‘vitamin’ popping ways.

  11. d.c.

    Aussie girl told him to take those scientology classes and shove it, and kept her cash.. and he got all misty and miffed.

  12. Girly Girl

    Nicole went on to have a wildly successful film career, starred in major ad campaigns for titans of fashion like Chanel, and it seems now has fallen in love with a total hottie who, by the way, is suscessful in his own right.

    Tom went on to troll for a teenage bride who would volunteer to incubate his offspring, never brush her hair before going in public, and would agree to be surrounded by Thetan aliens 24/7.

    The best revenge is living well…

  13. doofus

    I don’t think any of us are surprised that a psycho wack-job like Thetan Cruise would tap his soon-to-be-ex’s phone. he is a paranoid freak.

    what I find interesting about cruise is his public vs. private persona. I recently saw a show (I think on E!) about celebs who treat their fans well. Cruise was one person that they covered, and he seems to be SO accomodating when it comes to photos, autographs, talking to fans’ mothers on their cell phones while he walks the red carpet…he really came off as a great guy. gotta keep the fans happy.

    but when it comes to his personal and business relationships, he’s Mr. Paranoid, making everyone sign non-disclosure agreements, and I’ve heard he’s not so nice to work for.

    basically, he’s not just a psycho wack-job, he’s a PHONY, TWO-FACED psycho wack-job.

    but again, I don’t think anyone is surprised.

  14. doofus

    to add…

    girly girl, you got it right. I was on and checked out thetan’s most recent films…

    he hasn’t had a real “hit” since Jerry Maguire in 1996.

    now that former fans (like myself) have been exposed to his freakishness, his movies don’t do as well.

  15. andy

    tom was totally paranoid about katie spilling the beans about his gay-ness.

  16. Books

    Nicole will keep it dignified because of the kids – if it wasn’t for that, she’d probably love to ruin the little toad.

    He’s always exploiting those kids in public now – Nicole never does, and he didn’t do it when he was married to her.

    Best revenge – she has an Oscar, he NEVER will.

  17. la

    You go, Nicole. I love how she KNEW it was him instantly, and let him know. She probably heard clicks, and muffled mutters about her abundance of thetans.

    Though it shows her class that she did not tell the world, “Well the little maniac is tapping my phone, so I won’t mention his gay cult orgies… whoops!”

    Girly Girl, you put it well. Nicole has risen to superstardom for her accomplishments and her rise-above-the-rough class, while Tom has become infamous for being a freaky cult weirdo with a child bride. (Although I would pay in blood to see what Nicole has to honestly say about this guy)

  18. Kebrin

    Tom Cruise is gay and the world knows it.He even ran after David Beckham in Spain.He also accompanied Posh in the staduim while the man he admires plays ball. Posh should keep him away from her husbands balls.He also invited Beckham a part in the Mission Impossible 3 a small part. He woes Scientology with his money and now wants to buy Wacko Jacko!s NeverLand.
    Damn This Freak!!!

  19. Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Talking about Anthony Pellicano???? The OJ Simpson Case????? Bill wasz???? and MORE:

    Check It Out:

    Bill Wasz, Elizabeth Luster, Olin Hyde, MORE
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    Mario G. Nitrini 111

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