Nicole Kidman Joins Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler On ‘Just Go With It’ Set

Nicole Kidman has landed in Hawaii for the filming of Just Go With It and it looks like it’s straight to work.

Jennifer Aniston ditched the little dress for her own clothes as she, Kidman and Adam Sandler work on a scripted rehearsal. Looking through the pictures it looks like Nicole is someone from Jennifer’s past, maybe a freenemy? They hug and Aniston stays glued to her arm as Kidman tries to leave. Then Aniston has a horrified look on her face as she turns to Sandler.

While Aniston is posing as Sandler’s fake soon-to-be-divorced wife in the movie, Kidman’s role is mysteriously under wraps. Variety describes it “as similar in comedic scope to Tom Cruise’s uncredited turn in Tropic Thunder.”  Brooklyn Decker plays Sandler’s love interest.