Nicole Kidman Joins Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler On ‘Just Go With It’ Set

April 23rd, 2010 // 4 Comments

Nicole Kidman has landed in Hawaii for the filming of Just Go With It and it looks like it’s straight to work.

Jennifer Aniston ditched the little dress for her own clothes as she, Kidman and Adam Sandler work on a scripted rehearsal. Looking through the pictures it looks like Nicole is someone from Jennifer’s past, maybe a freenemy? They hug and Aniston stays glued to her arm as Kidman tries to leave. Then Aniston has a horrified look on her face as she turns to Sandler.

While Aniston is posing as Sandler’s fake soon-to-be-divorced wife in the movie, Kidman’s role is mysteriously under wraps. Variety describes it “as similar in comedic scope to Tom Cruise‘s uncredited turn in Tropic Thunder.”  Brooklyn Decker plays Sandler’s love interest.

By Madison Ventura

  1. Kat

    Nicole has become a most unfortunate victim of TOO MUCH PLASTIC SURGERY. She used to be so beautiful and now, well, she looks fairly rediculous. I cannot believe people still put her in film. She always bombs at the box office anyway and I think it is due to her ghastly appearance. She really screwed herself up.

  2. Shoe

    Nicole has no make-up on and she still looks absolutely gorgeous. I certainly don’t see any bad plastic surgery in those pics. She’s beautiful. American people need to understand that she is a huge international star. So while her movies flop in the US, they make really big numbers overseas. Her last two movies have made nearly $600 million worldwide. That’s far more than Aniston or Sandler (or Angelina Jolie, or Julia Roberts) last two movies.

  3. N+P

    Nicole look absolutely gorgeous and I know why people still put her in film even if always bombs at the box office beacause she got talent and excellently.She is a great Actress,She can do it great in any role.

    And I love her amazing hair colour on the set.

  4. N+P

    Nicole Kidman is so gorgeous,I love her amazing hair colour on the set.

    And I know why people still put her in film even if She always bombs at the box office beacuse she is a great Actress and she could be great in any role!

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