Nicole Kidman Is Looking At A Nashville Wedding

We have a few details on Nicole Kidman’s wedding. The dress is being designed by Balenciaga, and is set to be completed in May. However, the wedding won’t take place until June. Mmm. I wonder if she’ll be marrying before Tom Cruise will? Kidman and Tom Cruise are said to not be getting along at all. Also, Nicole’s wedding to Keith Urban could very well take place in Nashville.

The betting among Urban’s friends is that they will be married at the groom’s home in Nashville. Kidman had wanted a church wedding in Sydney, her home city – and had had her union with Cruise annulled in order to make that possible – but Urban feels that the media attention will be too ferocious.

Urban, a recovered crack cocaine addict and alcoholic, has, it is claimed, at times said he needs to concentrate on his sobriety, and like many men, he has found the preparations for the nuptials stressful. However, despite a slight delay from May to June, the wedding is firmly on.

It’s certainly a romantic story, but the fact is they seem to have little in common. Urban, 38, was brought up on a farm outside Brisbane and loves motorbikes and guitars, while Kidman, who likes to read the poet Philip Larkin and go to the theatre, makes an unlikely country chick.

However, she does appreciate his family values and, most importantly, feels he is ‘genuine’ – the word she uses over and over again when talking about him with girlfriends. A Hollywood source told the Mail: “Word here is that he is a bit reluctant, but she seems to be pushing him up the aisle with both hands.”

‘Nicole is determined to beat Tom up the aisle’ [Daily Mail]

(Images via Saving Face)