Nicole Kidman Gets A Prenup

June 22nd, 2006 // 14 Comments

Nicole Kidman learned a few things from her marriage to Tom Cruise. The key element, knowing that a prenup is key. This is just not any run of your mill prenup, while Keith Urban would receive a certain amount per year that he is married to the actress, there is also a get out clause. Any settlement becomes null and void is Keith Urban, uses illegal drugs or alcohol to excess.

The country singer has had to sign a pre-nuptial agreement earning him £350,000 for every year he is with the actress.

The agreement was signed in Los Angeles before the pair flew to Australia where they plan to marry on Sunday. It also says they will have joint custody of any children they have together. But Urban, 38, would be banned from taking them out of the country in which Miss Kidman lives.

That’s some prenup alright.

More photos of Nicole Kidman at Randwick Childrens Hospital in Sydney, after the jump.

Nicole’s get-out clause [This is London]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. get your ‘Tori stole my man’ ‘Team Fire Crotch’ ‘Divorce Kevin’ ‘Save SPF’
    t-shirt right here

  2. Yvette Nelson

    Nicole is an ugly has been. I’m beautiful and have a great body, and I’ve been on Jay Leno. Nicole only knows how to marry fags(Cruise), my gay brother in law is a fag too but at least he doesn’t pay a skank to be his beard.

  3. Nicole Kidman


    My world just went to pieces. Gaydars are no longer operative in this world.

  4. Lisa

    Hell! I’d marry Nicole Kidman for $350 k a year!

  5. jen

    what’s with paying someone to be your spouse. $350k a year (a lot more, i’m sure, based on exchange rate)?!!?

    tom’s going to pay kate and now nic’s going to pay keith…are these two THAT insufferable? it really just sounds like legal prostitution to me.

  6. maryanne29

    I give this marriage 3 years, max. Given Keith’s history, good luck with that null and void clause if he uses drugs illegally or alcohol to excess.

  7. urbancowgrl

    Does Keith have any pride. Does he need the money? He should sign something that says I won’t take you’re money because I don’t need it. And I thought he was a man. Now Paul McCartney was foolish for not having one becuause HM wasnt rich, but at least you knew where his heart was. He was being gentlemanly. And, HM offered to have one signed.

  8. dwight90210

    Nicole is amazing, beautiful, smart, and… has learned her lesson.. Good for her. Keith is marrying a goddess… he should not take a cent!

  9. Lorilea

    Yvette Nelson you sound so jealous of her it is sad! All of you people do. You people are so jealous. You SAD people get over it and be happy for her!

  10. Lorilea

    Well not all you people are jealous and sad just the people who are saying crap about keith and nicole and you know who you people are. Stop getting so down on people. Jeez!

  11. conrad

    I would have imagined he had enough money in his own right without needing hers. It won’t take long before he realizes he has married a wax manequin…

  12. urbancowgrl

    Lorilei: we are all saying something about them, so you are including all of us. How do I sound jealous? I’m just saying the man should have some dignity. It’s tastless to accept that money because he doesn’t need it and he doesn’t need to be as rich as she is. Says a lot about him.

  13. alana miles

    it’s pounds not dollars

  14. Oelric

    hmm, i thought keith urban was gay.. considering that song he sung about alexander and hepheastian (you’re my better half).. great song though

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